6 of the Most Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses


“SEO is Dead” has been a common saying for years, yet sitecentre in Australia claim that local SEO services do work. In order for SEO to work for your small business, you simply know how to do it well. Here are 6 of the most effective SEO tips for small businesses.

1. Create valuable, unique content

People will come to your site if you give them informative or entertaining content. The content should obviously be related to the products or services you offer. Try to provide something that they can’t find elsewhere.

You can write the content yourself or have someone else write it for you. You should post regularly so that people continue coming back fro more information. You should also take the time to add keywords to your content. The keywords should be something that you think your customers would enter into a google search. Don’t forget to promote yourself at the end!

2. Go mobile

Everyone is on their smartphones and tablets nowadays. In fact, many people are replacing their computers with these products. You need to ensure that your customers can access your website and everything it offers in a mobile format.

Any web developer will be able to help you accomplish this. Customers shouldn’t only be able to access your site while on their phone or tablet, but it should be just as responsive as the regular site.

3. Make your website user-friendly

If a potential customer can’t find what they need on your website quickly, or if it takes too long to load, they will go to a competitor. To help your website run as quickly as possible, you may want to limit any unnecessary graphics that take a long time to load. You should also make your site easy to read once it’s loaded.

People should be able to find all crucial information on the main page. Customers should be able to find other information with clearly labeled links. It should also have text big enough to read without it taking up too much of the page. Finally, you should use colors that are easy to read.

4. Get a secure site

There have been a number of hacking incidents recently. You don’t want your customers to fear anything happening to their sensitive information while on your site. Get a secure SSL certificate to help instill confidence. These websites are generally known to be safer for internet browsers.

5. Evaluate and test

SEO requires quite a bit of work. You need to make changes and see how they affect the traffic to your site. Make sure to make changes independently so you can help track their effectiveness. When a particular change or content seems to attract people, you can continue in the same direction.

Getting people to your site is hard, but keeping them there can be even more difficult. Get some advice by actually asking people what they think about your website. They can give you information on how easy it is to navigate, if it represents you well, and if they can find the information they need.

6. Show some creativity and personality

Just because your website is representing your business doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. Believe it or not, this may even help increase your SEO. Link your social media accounts to your website. On your social media, feel free to show a funny side. Every post should refer back to the business so people know who you are and what you do. If you’re really funny or charming, the post may even become viral.

Marketing yourself and developing an online presence is hard work. Put effort into it, and you will see the fruits of your labor in the form of more people visiting your site and., hopefully, more sales. If you aren’t confident in your own SEO efforts, hire a professional to give you the information you need to succeed.