8 Bizarre Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Bermuda Triangle!


Bermuda triangle is of course famous across the globe for the tales of various ships and     planes mysteriously vanishing. Ever wondered what could be the reason behind such weird behavior at this stretch of the sea? Well, these could be the reasons.

1. Christopher Columbus
The famous explorer was one of the first few people to notice weird occurrences at this stretch of the sea. During one of his voyages, Columbus noticed few lights in the region, with their source still remaining a mystery. Even his compass behaved in a weird manner and behaved in a way it never did before.

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2. Compass Readings
It’s being claimed that the navigation compass never directs sailors in the right path once they reach the Bermuda triangle stretch. The compass always points towards the true north, and not the magnetic north in this region. Thus, it could be one of the reasons why dozens of ships have gone missing from this part of the sea.

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3. Gulf Stream-Debris
Another famous theory is that the currents of the Gulf Stream, adjoining the region washes off any debris which lies trapped under the water surface, leaving no trace of any devastation.

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4. Methane Gas
According to researchers, this part of the ocean has huge deposits of methane gas under water. Methane has the ability to reduce the density of water, and sink even huge vessels which are floating on the water surface. This could also be a possible reason for many vessels to go missing without a trace.

5. UFO Sightings
Another belief which is being claimed by many is the presence of aliens and UFO. Its being said that the huge trench under the sea has been caused by an alien spaceship which landed here. Many scientists are also of the opinion that since aliens could be more scientifically advanced, they may have captured all the ships and planes in this region.

By P199 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Waves And Ever Changing Weather
The weather near the Bermuda stretch is really unpredictable. Intense sea storms are quite common in the region. Hurricanes occurring here are known to be so violent that they even suck flying objects, which could be a reason why planes have also     mysteriously disappeared from the reason.

7. Lost Atlantis
If few historic artifacts are anything to go by, then there’s a city which lies buried under     the sea at the Bermuda Triangle. This ancient city, known as ‘Atlantis’ apparently had high energy crystals in great abundance. It’s being said that the energy emitted by these crystals could possibly be the reason behind the weird readings given by navigation compasses.

8. Comet Crash
Many scientists also believe that around 11,000 years ago, had crashed into the Bermuda triangle region. This comet is said to be the cause behind the deep trench in the sea. The comet also emitted harmful radiations which has been the reason behind dysfunctional compasses, missing aircrafts, and ships.

9. Flight 19
Of the many disappearances which have occurred in the region, the most shocking one was that   of ‘Flight 19’. In 1945, 5 American bomber aircrafts which flew over the dreaded stretch mysteriously disappeared. A rescue plane which was sent to find the whereabouts of these aircrafts is also said to have vanished in thin air.

10. Crystal Pyramids
According to few deep sea explorers from France and U.S, two giant crystal pyramids are lying deep under the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. These structures, which were first found by a doctor in the 1960’s, are said to be even bigger than the pyramids of Egypt.