These 8 Dark Secrets Of Apple Will Shock The Hell Out Of You!


Founded in 1980, Apple has risen to becoming a giant in the world of gadgets and technology. With their products leaps ahead of their competitors and bringing in sublime gadgets, their behind the scene work style is not that rosy. As consumers it is our right to decide where we spend our money, but is our right to deprive another of a life??

1. Secret Police
Knowing worldwide for their ability to keep the secrecy of their products, Apple has their own secret police known as the World wide loyalty team. This team monitors their employees day and night, even if they are with family or at the pub. If a leak is suspected the team sweeps over the any office around the world to find the culprit. All employees have to volunteer to this team to search through their phones or personal information. In 2011, a team impersonated the San Francisco police and raided a house as they suspected it having apple prototypes.

2. Employee Slavery
They will make no compromise in dominating the world and even if it is at the cost of their employees. Chinese company Foxconn which works with the manufacturing of apple products has a reported 14 suicides at their work places till date. The offices have no humane facilities; they are worked for 12 hours at a stretch for a little more than $2 an hour and one holiday every 13 days. Employees call their work places forced labor camps with crowded dorms, public humiliation and constant surveillance.

3. Products Causing Health Isues
Factory workers are diagnosed with rare blood cancer caused by the products. Some spend the whole day polishing the products which results in their hands worn out. Workers are literally losing their life so that people could enjoy these Apple gadgets.

4. The Symbol
The symbol is closely related to the symbol of sin. The bite off the apple relates to the story of Eve in the Bible, who brought sin into the world with eating the apple from the forbidden tree. She was tempted to eat it to gain knowledge and Apple used this as their symbol. The world’s answer to knowledge is how they present themselves with their symbol.

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5. Ruthlessness Of Their Founder
Though he is widely known around the world for his genius marketing skills and management techniques, he was downright ruthless on the job. He ripped of his friend and co-founder Steve Wozniak by lying about a payment from Atari of $5000. He gave him $350 instead of a 50/50 split. Later after going public he refused to give a stock to his friend and Apple employee Dan Kottke in 2011.  On his return to Apple in 1997, he stopped all the company’s charity projects and despite being a billionaire he had no account of being charitable.

6. Avoiding Taxes
They have not declared any tax residency in any country and have off shore structures to ship billions to Ireland. Apple has been incorporated in Ireland since 1980. While the tax rate is as high as 35% in the States, it is a mere 2% in Ireland. Ireland uses a management and control test to determine tax residency and since Apple is neither managed nor controlled in Ireland, it does not fall under a tax resident. Hence they are not taxed in America and Ireland. They possibly have billions of dollars just not accounted for.

7. Apple Pours Toxic Waste Into The Environment
Chinese environmentalists have criticized Apple factories such as Foxconn and Unimicron for dumping black-green waste which causes chemical odor into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers. Apparently twice a day large amounts of wastes are emptied into these rivers.

8. Bullying
Their conflict with Samsung has been an age old story. Besides that Apple has tried to patent unlocking your screen by swiping, enlarging documents with a tap and using square icons to denote apps, furthermore they even tried to patent the concept of smartphones. Talk about being a school yard bully.