Ahhh Weddings… What Happens When They Break From Convention? #5 Is Really Weird!


The biggest day of two people joined in holy matrimony is dreamt by most people before getting into the act, but what are people dreaming off? While most prefer the normal white gown, black suit, there are others who would rather not side with traditions but would choose to make it a spectacle, something people would remember above most loving traditional ceremonies. The themes chosen for these weddings will make you jump in your seat, they are quite original and hilarious as well. End of the day, whatever makes you enjoy your big day gets the green card. These are the wackiest wedding ceremonies ever.

1. The Zombie Wedding

Image Source: weddingwindow.com

2. The Star wars Wedding

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

3. AWWW Shrek and Fiona

Image Source: list25.com

4. The Superhero wedding

Image Source: list25.com

5. The shoe shop wedding

Image Source: today.com

6. No Kidding, A dog Wedding

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

7. Underwater wedding

8. The Native American wedding

Image Source: cracked.com

9. The Predator-Themed Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com

10. The wedding at a cemetery- when the grim reaper presides a wedding, it is bound to be on this list

Image Source: zerowoes.com

11. Pirates of the Caribbean wedding

Image Source: ibnlive.in.com

12. The Lord Of The Rings Wedding, Don’t Miss Gandalf at the back

Image Source: atchuup.com

13. The spooky wedding

Image Source: blog.tbdress.com

14. The Flintstones Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com

15. The Biker wedding

Image Source: uncoached.com

16. Look at who the best man is

Image Source: teamjimmyjoe.com

17. The Avatar Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com

18. The Peter Pan Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com

19. The WTF Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com

20. Legend Of Zelda Wedding

Image Source: atchuup.com