This Alarm Clock Doubles As A Bedside Barista


Every night before you hit the bed, the thought of rising early for work could be really annoying. The dreaded alarm clock, which you unfortunately depend upon, rings with a deafening tone to make sure your day begins on a startling note. Now here’s a great invention which might make all you ‘forced’ early risers happy. This coffee maker, which also serves as an alarm clock in a way, is a huge relief for those of you who hate the alarming sounds of the clock. It also fulfills your wish of being served a nice cup of bed coffee. Take a look at this double delight.

The exotic aroma of fine powdered coffee beans wakes you up from deep sleep.

Move over the snooze button, this machine knows the right time to wake you up for a bed coffee.

A tray to store the ingredients of your favorite early morning beverage.

It also has a special place for some cream.

Just add the right amount of cream.

There you go! What a way to start your morning.

This is how this marvel works:

Now, you don’t have to force yourself to the kitchen every morning, with half-shut eyes, to prepare yourself a nice cup of coffee.