Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Look Better In Photos Instantly!


Wondering how to make people drool over your pictures on ‘Instagram’ and ‘Facebook’? These are a few simple tips which can be tried before posing for the lens. For all you know, these might help you in winning a dozen admirers overnight.

1. Add a few shades to your cheeks using a blush brush and then check out the difference

2. Polishing your eye rim using waterproof eyeliner will bring a sparkle on your face.

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3. Darkening the color of your eyebrows by peppering it with a few strokes of Mascara will make your eyes grab the attention of anyone instantly, especially the hunks.

4. Being too loud with your expressions can ruin the picture, even if your make-up and attire looks perfect.

5. Choosing a white background for your pictures will highlight the features of your body and make you seem more glamorous.

6. Extreme Close-ups, while taking a selfie, are a strict no-no. Stretch your hand out a little more to reveal your hair and the details of your attire.

7. While taking pictures outdoors, choose to do it during late evenings or early mornings for better results.

8. Wearing a hat or holding a bouquet of exotic flowers can make the pictures look more interesting. Rather than a mannequin pose.

9. Oh Yeah! Cloudy weather sparks romance and nostalgia. They can make any person look awesome.

10. Even if you don’t possess any Photoshop skills, editing your pictures using those simple apps on your phones can be of great help.

11. Keep your lips moist before taking just any picture. Even while hanging out with friends keep a lip gloss handy. For you never know when a selfie moment would arise.