Believe It Or Not But These Torture Techniques Are Very Real & Used Today! SHOCKING!!


Torture to gain information or instill discipline is not a concept lost to the history books. As horrifying as it sounds, it is a technique used even today. As you read through this list, you might catch yourself thinking, “Well, that doesn’t sound so scary,” but trust us, if you were to experience it, you’d know just how horrible it is! While some techniques have remained unchanged from yesteryears, they have been modified to be more brutal. Things are changing with regard to tortures; people, instead of just inflicting pain during torture through beatings and stuff, are now breaking down the victims psychologically. The belief is that a person under torture will say ‘anything’ to make the pain stop.They have realized the importance of a person’s presence of mind and are not using disdain methods to batter it, leaving them scarred for the rest of their lives and living in anxiety and fear.

1. Water Boarding
Here the victim is tied to a table, his legs elevated and a cloth covers his face. Water is then poured on his face and on the cloth for 40 to 50 seconds at a stretch and the person is allowed to breath for a few seconds in between. The torture causes suffocation and a sense of drowning. The victim suffers from post- traumatic stress and may even develop a fear of water. In some cases organ failure due to oxygen deprivation may also occur.

2. Syrian Box Torture
The person is tied up and shoved into a box which makes it almost impossible for him to move and change positions. The victim is placed in the box for days and the food is dropped in from an opening but in a way that they person can’t get at it, within reach, but the victim can’t get his hands on. Imagine being in an uncomfortable position and starved for days together.

3. White Torture
The victim is thrown into a room that is completely white.They are clothed in white and everything they get is white; Even their food, which is white itself, comes in a white dish. They are also forced to keep silent. Because of the sensory deprivation the person starts to hallucinate eventually driving him mad.

4. Tiger Bench
The person being tortured is placed on a bench, his knees tied tightly to the bench and one by one bricks are placed under his feet to elevate them. It goes on till his knees give way and snap. For sure it leaves the person disabled for life.

5. Hell Confinement
This method involves handcuffs, a pair a shackles and a rod linked to them which prevents the victim for being able to bend their back. The victim can’t relieve themselves, walk or even sit and are forced to live in their excrement for days together.

6. The Tucker Telephone
This torture was used on the prisoners in America in the 70’s and 80’s. Here they modified the telephone to produce electricity when cranked. One wire which was the grounding one was attached to the big toe and the live wire to the prisoner’s genitals. Once cranked, electricity was passed to their privates leaving them in excruciating pain.

7. Fingernail Torture Device
Used mostly for interrogation, the victim’s nails were extracted from their fingers by a device. Nail clipper, forceps, pliers or a tool devised specifically for this purpose was used. Just thinking about this makes your fingers hurt doesn’t it?

8. Cat O’ Nine Tails
Still used widely over the world, here the person is flogged with a nine tail flogging device in which the tails are taken from barb wire or sharp twisted wires.

9. Strappado
Here the victim’s hands are tied behind his back. The victim is then suspended from a bar by tying his wrists together for long hours causing his shoulders to dislocate. Some even intensify this torture by adding electric shock or high pressure water while they are suspended.

10. The German Chair
The prisoners is strapped to the seat of the chair in such a way that  the upper and lower part of the body is pushed towards the ground to unbendable positions, either fracturing or breaking the person’s spine.