Berserk Season 3: What To Expect


The story of Berserk goes all the way back to 1989. It first came to audiences that year in the form of by Kentaro Miura. Although the manga was extremely successful upon release, it was not adapted into Anime form until 1997. The 1997 Berserk Anime aired through 1998, and it proved to be one of the most successful releases of that era. Much like the manga, it found a decidedly enthusiastic audience. It was also notable for being one of the more graphic titles on the market. This was true of the Anime, as well.

The original run of Berserk ran for a single season. Fans clamored for years afterwards for more. The call was finally answered with a trilogy of films. Beginning in 2012, the Golden Arc trilogy essentially finished what the original Anime series had started. The movies proved to be so popular, a new Anime series was ordered. This promised to be a bold new impression of the manga.

Season 1 was released to great acclaim in 2016. The same can be said for Berserk season 2 in 2017. Where are we with regards to Berserk season 3? To that end, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Catching Up With Berserk

The foundation of Berserk, regardless of the specific adaptation, has always been a rich blend of fantasy and horror. This is perhaps why the series has often been noted for its intense violence and action sequences. Certainly, the story of a swordsman named Guts, on a vicious quest for vengeance, after the betrayal and near-murder of himself and his beloved at the hands of the leader of his mercenary gang, is something that lends itself well to extreme visuals and sequences. The story of Guts has been one that has appealed to audiences for at least a couple of generations at this point.

Certainly, the decided success of the first two seasons of the new Berserk emphasizes that fact in no uncertain terms.

As mentioned before, the 2016 Berserk went back to the beginning of the manga. Much like the 1997 series, its designs and aesthetics drew heavily from the manga. However, the story this time around is told with far more advanced visuals, as well as additional narrative touches. The first season was praised by critics and fans alike for reimagining the story in a truly unique way. The success of the first season lead to the release of a second season just one year later. Both seasons were directed by the legendary Shirō Sagisu. For what it is worth, Sagisu has made it abundantly clear that he is interested in doing another season.

So, what’s the holdup? Where do we stand with another season of Berserk?

When To Expect Berserk Season 3

While Sagisu is down to direct another season, it seems as though things are in a bit of a flux. The second season covered just part of the Hawk of the Millennium Empire arc. Clearly, there is ample material for another season, so that is not an issue that might hold things up. It is also worth keeping in mind that is has not been very long since the second season was released. It can sometimes take a handful of years for another season to be created and released.

With Berserk season 3 specifically, we can only speculate. At this moment in time, nothing official has been released on the subject of season 3. The fact that Sagisu is interested is certainly a good sign, leading to continued speculation. However, that is not a guarantee by any means.

At this point, it is reasonable to be optimistic that we will at least get some concrete news, if not an actual third season, next year in 2020.

What To Expect From Berserk Season 3

Obviously, we expect season 3 of Berserk to wrap up, or at least extend, the Hawk of the Millennium Empire arc. Fans of season 2 can tell you that the second season certainly ended on a cliffhanger. There is a significant amount of material from the manga that can be explored. This is particularly true in the case of Guts and his lover Casaca.

One thing you can absolutely expect from Berserk season three? Violence. And lots of it!

The Future Of Berserk 2019

Let’s be perfectly clear: There is every reason to believe we will probably get another season of Berserker. While some series do not get closure, it is difficult to imagine that this will be the fate of this show in particular. It is extremely popular, after all. It has a legendary history, and it has proven to be just as popular in the present.

Fans may just want to be a little patient in this matter. The odds of another season are excellent, so it’s simply a matter of waiting for Berserk season 3 news.