Birthday Memes That Will Leave You With A 100 Watt Smile For The Whole Day! #4 is my Fav!


These Happy Birthday Memes Is Just What You Need To Send To Your Friends For Their Special Day

Birthday wishes generally are pretty mundane, we have all gone through that time when we are wished and all we have to say in return is, ‘Thank you’. However with Memes becoming the latest fad all over the internet and this whole trend taking over, wishing a person is becoming a lot more fun now. Sending memes to your friends not only make the whole occasion funny but also exciting enough to go down a memory lane. If sending a meme to your friend has been on your mind for a while but you are confused as to what will suite you friend the most, look no further guys. You have landed yourself on just the right post. We have listed out some of the funniest birthday mems that will not only be funny but will give your friend just the right start for their special day and leave them smiling for the rest of the day.

1. Because We All Have That One Friend Whose Only Concern Is FOOD!

2. That Is Just How We All Call Out For Our Besties, Don’t We?

3. Here Is To That Every Boss Who Is A Typical Kill Joy!

4. Some Of Us Have To Be Sound Overdramatic Every Single Time!

5. Enough Said.

6. Those Birthday Wall Posts Are Scary!

7. There Is One Brutally Honest Guy In Every Group!

8. Where Are The Gifts Guys!??

9. Happy Birthday, My Nigga!!

10. Now That Is Being Straight Up!

11. I Hate Sharing!

12. Ernest Hemingway Said It All

13. Blow Them Right Away!

14. Just In Case You Forgot, Here You Go!

15. Since You Love Being Special.

16. I Love Cake And It Happens To Be Your Birthday Too!

17. Stealing A Lap Is A LUXURY Nowadays!

18. Wearing That Hat Should Mean More Cake.

19. Thor Is Our Ultimate Hero

20. This Is For Every Girl Who Gets Emotional About Her Age.

21. This Has To Stop.

22. Kids Are Not Always Angels.

23. This Is The Cutest Ever.

24. Tag That ‘Forever Lost’ Friend

25. Now That Is How A Man Would Do It.

26. If There Is Food, Count Me In!

27. Now That Is A Wish From A Bestie.

28. Brutal Honesty!

30. Welcome Back Karma.

31. Happy B’day Dad.

32. He Said It All, Literally!

33. Some People Just Cannot Think Straight, Can They?

34. Because Some Can’t Do Without Drama

35. Common Sense Please?

36. How Else Do You Say It?

37. Old As Fu*K!!

38. Now That Is Sweet.

39. You Got That.

40. For All Those Who Are People Phobic.

41. That Is Why I Love My Birthday

42. Nooooooooo…

43. To The One Who Can Never Be Happy

44. It Is The Thought That Matters.

45. There You Go Mr. Cynic!

46. That Is Me!

47. That Stingy Friend!

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48. Some People Just Can’t Take Life Easy

49. He Is Bang On!

50. Whatever That Means

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