These Bizarre Facts From WWII Will Give You N I G H T M A R E S! Some Are Horrifying!


You’ve heard of the mainstream haunting stories of World War II, but have you heard of these bottled down events that took place during the war??

1. When the Germans and Americans Fought Together
It was May, 1945, two weeks after Hitler had ended his life, and in an attempt to defend the Castle Itter in Austria, from the SS squadron, fourteen American and twenty German soldiers teamed up to fight “The Last Battle” of World War II. The prisoners detained in the castle were French Prime ministers, Presidents and sports celebrities who were being protected by this odd union.

2. The Death Match
On August 9th, 1942, the Soviets and the German air defense artillery corps for once put aside their arms and decided to battle it out through a game of football. With the referee, an SS officer, being biased, the Germans won the game 5-3. It was known as the ‘Death Match’ because five Soviet players were killed after it. Guess this was the bloodiest end to a football game ever.

3. Hiroo Onoda
While World War II lasted 6 years, this Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer’s war lasted 30 years. He carried out his duties till 1974 in a jungle in the Philippines and refused to believe the war had ended in 1945, thinking it was a hoax from the enemy when he read the “end of the war” pamphlets. In 1974, one of his former commander’s, personally went to the Philippines to relieve him of his duties.

4. When Aliens Joined the War
“The Battle of Los Angeles” took place on 24-25 February. This battle started when the Americans spotted mystery lights and assuming they were Japanese planes they fired at it for two night’s straight, round after round. The red faced Navy secretary Frank Knox then admitted it was a false alarm, and that the Japanese were certainly not involved. The Extra-terrestrial invasion was their next best bet to answer this mysterious battle, where, America fired at no one for two days.

5. Batman Paratroopers
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson brainstormed this idea in 1942, in which he figured that parasailing into enemy lines would give the soldiers better control before they deployed their chute. Famous Sky-diver Mickey Morgan was asked to front a troop, but it remained a great idea only in Major Malcolm’s head.

6. It’s Raining Sheep
The Italian troops under the Mussolini invasion in Ethiopia, across the Danakil desert, thought of the most unique idea to keep the pace of travel of the soldiers. The soldiers carried minimal baggage in order to cover a good distance and supplies were dropped from the Italian Air force. The meat rations however were getting rotten quite quick due to the deadly heat so the next best thing was to parachute live sheep to the soldiers and allow them to perform the slaughter themselves. The plan worked brilliantly.

7. Japanese Fire Balloons
You can trust this race to be innovative and in the war they proved it. In their plan to create havoc in the cities of North America, the Japanese loaded 9300 ‘Fire balloons’ with explosives which would soar into their territory and explode on landing. They expected a 10% success rate but the effect of this innovation was much lower. Only six died, the rest enjoyed the spectacle in the sky, courtesy the Japanese.

8. Unsinkable Sam
Well among the heart wrenching stories that flood World War II, this particular one is quite the opposite. Sam, the cat, first served on a German war ship to rid of it of rats but soon the ship was torpedoed. He was found on a floating plank and served on two other British ships all receiving the same treatment and Sam did the regular of floating on planks till found. This Veteran Cat soon retired after the war in Belfast.

9. Forced sex
In order to expand his “master race”, that of Aryan blood, Hitler ordered all women, even unmarried girls who were as old as 15 to get impregnated. He forbade contraception and offered medals and incentives to those women who had more children. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels even produced magazines, posters and nudie flicks promoting “healthy eroticism” to support this desperate cause.

10. Lady Snipers
Not only men, woman also took to killing also during the World War II. One identified as ‘Myra’, a French local, apparently lured Allied soldiers with her seductive smile only to reply to their interested response by shooting them. She was captured and said she was coerced by the Germans to perform the task.

11. Baby Abductions
The “Lebensborn program”, to increase the population of the Aryan race, soon fell flat on its face. The aim was to produce blue eyed babies and when there weren’t enough of them around to form this pretty population, the Nazis resorted to abducting babies. Some babies were even offered to the Germans by their parents to avoid the toddlers going into the gas chamber. The Polish claim they lost as many as 200,000 babies to the Germans because of this.

12. Corpses to Trophies
Post Pearl Harbor, the Americans encouraged their men to join the war to hunt the Japanese. The enraged Americans even stooped to collecting the dead bodies of the Japanese and displaying their skulls and bones as trophies. Some soldiers even lettered bones of Japanese soldiers to their families. The act was met with shame across the country, but then again, the whole world was trying to out-do each other in terms of madness.

13. Cannibalism
During the War, Nine American soldiers were shot down and captured over the Japanese shores. Eye witnesses claimed that eight were immediately executed and one was held captive. Later that evening the Japanese partied, and one officer requested his soldier to get him “Kimo”, meaning meat, specifically liver. The soldier did as commanded and ripped the liver out of the last captive. They enjoyed the meal so much that now, American prisoners of war became a delicacy. Some were cannibalized after execution and some while alive because they did not have refrigeration to store the flesh.

14. Threat Through a Newspaper Advertisement
The Advertisement was for a dice game called “Deadly double”. The ad was published in the New York Times a few weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack. No brain in America could decipher the coded message it contained, with the dice numbers 0,5,7,xx, 24, 12 indicating the date of the attack on the visible faces, the warnings (Achtung! Warning! Alert!), people in a bunker and an air raid happening over them as seen in the ad just confirmed of things to come. The company logo was a suspiciously looking German eagle as well.

15. Allied Diamond Heist
This is probably going to sound like a scene from a James bond movie but yes, it actually happened. Lt. Colonel Montagu Reaney Chidson, was a secret agent for the British Intelligence, his mission was to recover diamonds before the Germans got their hands on them. He acquired the key to the Amsterdam diamond market and clues to open the vault that contained the precious Jewels. The market was deserted considering the invasion of the Germans and getting spotted by anyone would result in death. For 24 hours he tried to figure the combination that separated him from the diamonds and soon enough the Germans were in that very building. He persisted despite the danger that loomed in the building and seconds away from being captured he broke into the vault and was away with the Jewels. He fled to England and turned over the diamonds to the exiled Queen Wilhelmina and the Dutch Government without even being seen or traced by the enemy.