These Are The Most Bizarre, Pointless & Strangest Laws You Might Have Heard Of!


Around the world a lot of people have died due to negligence on the road. In order to restrain the amount of deaths on the road, the government has brought out plenty of laws, some stringent some just plain idiotic. While most laws help save many lives there are some that are just freaking pointless. Pointless to a point where one can only laugh at them. These are the dumbest laws ever made to curb road habits.

1. Now I have no idea who would do this but tying your dog to the roof of your car is illegal in Alaska.

2. In Russia, driving a dirty car around is against the law.
3. Using your underwear to clean your car in San Francisco will hold you in contempt the law.

4. When driving on a German highway you better make sure you have enough fuel because running out is illegal.
5. In Denmark before starting the car you have to check under it to see if anyone has parked their ass under it.
6. Have a pair of Glasses?? Get another pair if you want to be able to drive in Spain.

7.  In Serbia it is a must to have a tow bar and a three meter long tow rope in your car.
8. Your number plate ends with 1 or 2?? You’re forbidden to drive on Mondays in Manila. Philippines. WTF!!!
9. Have a lantern attached to your car in Alabama?? Then you can even drive down one ways in the wrong direction.
10. Jumping from your car at 37 mph is illegal in California.

11. Changing your clothes with the curtains drawn in your car is illegal in Illinois, except if there is a fire.

12. Giving a lift to a gorilla on the backseat of your car in Massachusetts? Get ready to pay a fine!
13.  Camel riding on the highway of Nevada is going to get you into big trouble.
14. If your pet molests a vehicle in Kentucky, you are going to be fined.

15. According to the law in England a “person who rides or drives furiously any horse or carriage, or drives furiously any cattle” is breaking the law!

16. Camouflage your car if you want to spy on horses in Pennsylvania, or else if the horse spots you, you will have to disassemble your car and hide the parts.
17. If women want to drive in New Orleans they have to have a man in front of the car with a warning flag.
18. Don’t leave your sheep alone in a truck in Montana, always have an escort for it.

19. No frowning at a police officer in New Jersey. That itself is a crime.

20. Have a black car?? No driving it on Sundays in Colorado.
21. Maintain 50 meters distance from a pedestrian in Singapore or you will be in trouble by the law.
22. Carry your own Breathalyzer in France or you’ll be fined.

23. Keep those headlights on, even during the day in Scandinavia.

24. Don’t have a windshield in Luxembourg?? No excuses, all cars have to have a wiper.
25. No munchies or hydrating yourself in Cyprus. Even drinking water will get you fined.

26. Splashing water during a rain in Japan while passing by will get you fined.
27. No crossing 60km/hour in California if the car is unoccupied.
28. No reading the Newspapers on the side of the road if your car breaks down in Michigan.

29. No being blind folded and driving in Alabama.

30. Well to solve parking issues in Spain, you have to park your car on the side of the road where there are uneven house numbers on uneven days.