These Are The Most Bizarre, Strange, Outlandish Mental Disorders! #15 Freaked Me Out!


Caused by stimulants such as stress, mental breakdowns, loss of a loved one, chemical imbalance in the brain, mental disorders are no stranger to society. Back in the day people suffering from them were termed demonic and were quarantined away from the general public. It was not until the past couple of centuries did psychologist determine the actual causes of mental disorders and termed them as such. While studies still continue to find solutions for some there are others disorders, sadly, that just make people lose their mind and sense of identity. Some of them are these.

1. Capgras Syndrome
Named after a French Psychologist, this mental disorder is related to schizophrenia in which the patient has a misleading identification problem. Here the patient assumes that a close acquaintance a Family or friend has been replaced by a similar looking imposter.

2. Cotard Delusion
The person suffering from this order is so disillusioned that he perceives himself as dead and that he has lost his organs or someone has taken them from him.

3. Alien Hand Syndrome
Here the person influenced by this disorder believes that his hand has a will of its own and it is not part of the body. It works as an independent part from the body.

4. Apotemnophilia
Also known an amputee identity disorder, here the sufferer has a constant desire to amputate ones leg or any part of the body. The patient even reaches a point where he begs other people to perform the amputation.

5. Acrotomophilia
A person with Acrotomophilia will display a strong sexual desire towards amputees. Studies have suggested that lower limb amputees are preferred and some psychiatrists have also associated this preference with Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

6. Synesthesia
In this disorder the person has an alternate sense instead of what one intends to do. For example, the person smells instead of tastes, or vice versa, or experiences sense of sight instead of hearing, etc.

7. Windigo Psychosis
A person suffering from Windigo Psychosis convinces themselves that they are the mythical creatures Windigo’s and feel a strong urge to consume human flesh.

8. Genital Retraction Syndrome
People suffering from this order often fear or are agitated that their genitals are becoming smaller by the day and are shrinking into their body. They feel that it will shrink to such an extent that it will disappear.

9. Trichotillomania
Ever heard of the phrase ‘pull your hair out’??  Well it’s an actual disorder and the person suffering from it has a constant urge to pull out their hair out, be it on the head, facial hair, pubic hair or eyelashes.

10. Stendhal Syndrome
This is one that you have seen commonly in the movies, often portrayed as the socially awkward person who finds it difficult to be around someone they might find attractive. Here the sufferer experiences rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, Hallucinations and sweating when the individual encounters someone very beautiful.

11. Bigorexia
An obsession that leads one to get unusually bulky, here the individual feels that one is not muscular enough and makes a constant attempt to get bulkier or more muscular.

12. Boanthropy
The individual here feels that one is a cow or oxen or an animal. The individual changes ones behavior to that of an animal that includes crawling on the ground, eating grass and making weird animal sounds.

13. Erotomania
The person here has a strange illusion that a stranger or someone random, which could also be a celebrity, is in love with them. It may lead to stalking and other unusual behavior. The person involved here could also suffer from Schizophrenia or could suffer bi-polar disorder.

14. Reduplicative Paramnesia
The sufferer is so disillusioned that he or she thinks that a particular location or place has been shifted or relocated or that the place exists in two places at once. Duplication of the place could be another doubt on the sufferer’s mind.

15.  Autophagia
This is one freaky disorder. The individual bites and chews continuously at his/her body parts and have a strange urge to eat oneself up. This could be related to Windigo Psychosis which we have discussed earlier.