How To Bombproof Your Horse & 21 Other Books You Won’t Believe Exist!


If you though books were the source of knowledge, think again. While a lot of books stir controversies, stir people’s hearts and become best sellers, there are others which when you come across, you wonder, how the hell did they get on the shelves in the first place, and who would possibly buy them? Strangely people dig weirdness and so they do. These books too will stir you and shake you up, but believe me, not emotions you were thinking about, probably a huge amount of laughter followed by bewilderment. These are the weirdest books ever.

1. If You’ve Ever Dreamt of a Successful Career Making Meat-Filled Dumplings, This is the Book for You

2. The Book that Identifies Birds by Their Poop

3. How to date a white woman- For Asian men

4. How to Have Sex in the Woods By Luann Colombo

5. How To Be Pope By Piers Marchant

6. People I want to punch in the throat

7. Raising Witches: Teaching the Wiccan faith to people

8. People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to Do About It

9. BombProof Your Horse

10. The Complete A**hole’s guide to handling chicks

11. How to pee standing up for hip chicks

12. From Niggas to Gods, Vol. II: Escaping “Niggativity” & Becoming God by Akil

13. Walter the Farting Dog Farts Again by William Kotzwinkle

14. How to Good-bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday

15. The Haunted Vagina

16. How to shit in the woods

17. The Zen Of Farting

18. How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children

19. The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories

20. Natural Bust Enlargement with total mind power

21. The madam as entrepreneur :Career management in house prostitution

22. Little Bobby’s drunk again