Bruce Jenner’s Unbelievable Transformation To Caitlyn. If This Doesn’t Move You, Nothing Will!


Bruce Jenner’s transformation to Caitlyn is more than just another celebrity episode to gossip about. Some of us might wonder what made the man who made America proud at the 1976 Olympics and loved pumping iron to think of changing his gender. Was it a childhood dream which Bruce suppressed for many years? Or did he realize at a later point of life that there’s a woman hidden in him. Bruce or Caitlyn, as we know this person today, has been the favorite punch bag of social media platforms and the paparazzi during recent times, due to the bold decision which many people hesitate to make.

It is being said that the news of Bruce trying hard to be a woman, had taken his wives, friends and many of his well-wishers completely by surprise.

Many of you would probably admit that there are several men out there who aspire to be women and are inspired by the former athlete’s transformation into Caitlyn. Whether it was a right move or not, Caitlyn definitely needs to be lauded for announcing to the world that she wants to be identified as a woman. Let us look at the journey of this celebrity from a man to a woman over the years. Some of you might find it beautiful.

The Glorious Life Of Bruce Jenner

The person who is now making for physical transformation, Jenner was once one of America’s best athletes. Known as Bruce decades ago, this celeb first made headlines for participating in the ‘1972 Summer Olympic Games’ held in Munich. A popular internet source claims that since childhood, Bruce was a great lover of sports and was quite passionate about Football. He also represented the team ‘Graceland Yellowjackets’ during his college days. However, he couldn’t pursue it as a career due to a terrible knee injury

Interestingly, this youngster went on to represent his country in several running events and even struck gold at the 1976 Olympics held in Montreal. Overnight, Bruce turned into an inspiration to many budding sportsmen across the country.

His success in sports even earned Bruce a spot on the cover of the ‘Playgirl’ magazine.

The Women In His Life

Jenner is also known for being married to three women, including socialite Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris.

Before tying the knot with Kris, whom he married in 1991, Bruce was married to Chrystie Scott and Linda Thompson.
Bruce has 4 children in total, from both these marriages.

His marriages to both Chrystie and Linda lasted almost a decade each. His relationship with Kris lasted for a good 23 years, before the duo decided to split. Two renowned names from the world of glamour, Kendall & Kylie Jenner are Bruce’s kids from his marriage to Kris.

He has also appeared in the news columns for being the stepdad to the World famous Kardashians, Kim and Khloe. Much has been talked about his rapport with these two famous names, especially Kim – the paparazzi’s favorite child.

He was even seen in the famous television show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ along with his step-daughters.

The Realization
In a recent interview, Jenner turned emotional and talked about what made him take this decision to transform into a woman. Bruce revealed that he wanted to be a woman since a very young age. Bruce apparently dealt with being torn between his identity of being a man and the aspiration to be a woman.

Jenner confessed that he always was feminine in his thoughts and felt pointless in ‘pretending’ to be a guy. Caitlyn also added that very few people understood why she wanted to change her identity.

When asked ‘Are you a woman?’ the former athlete replied saying ‘I don’t have female body parts, but yes I am a woman’.

Even years ago, he used to dress up like women and exhibited his femininity quite often.

Transformation To Caitlyn
In 2015, Jenner came out in the open and introduced herself as Caitlyn to the world. Not many details have been revealed about the medical procedure she went through to become a woman.

Interestingly, Caitlyn claims that despite her transformation, she’s still sexually interested in women and not men.

Jenner was apparently thrilled about this photo shoot for ‘Vanity Fair’, which grabbed eyeballs all over the world later on.

A Rare moment of Jenner (on the verge of transformation back then) with his ex-wives Chrystie and Lynda.

Rumors Of Regret

If an online source is anything to go by, Caitlyn Jenner apparently regrets the transformation which she craved for since several years. This website has also claimed that Jenner might go back to being Bruce once again.

However, Jenner slammed the rumors surrounding her de-transition by posting a picture on ‘Instagram’ with a caption saying ‘no regret’.