Camping Solutions Than Can Only Be Described As Pure Genius! #6 Is Just Brilliant!


Everybody likes an adventure and camping is one of the most common things people do on holidays. A lot of people avoid camping because of the difficulties it poses while most dig the idea of inconvenience in a rural setting away from the normal routine of life. While one must say that it does get challenging while on a trip, a little preparation and a systematic approach to it will make the trip a little easier and on the comfortable side. These are a few tips you can carry to your camping experience to make it a more innovative and lively experience. Happy camping with these awesome and useful hacks.

1. Use foam to make the surface of the tent softer and more comfortable.

2. Twist those branches and hang the kettle to get that stove feel off a live wood fire.

3. Modify your coffee can to keep your roll from getting moist or wet.

4. Keep those ants away with grits instant.

5. Wrap your meat in cabbage leaves to avoid it getting burnt over coal.


7. Make a willow whistle to spot your friends if lost.

8. Freeze gallon jugs and add salt to it to keep it frozen for longer to help keep your food and drinks cold in a thermo box.

9. Brew your coffee with filters and floss.

10. Use an egg carton with charcoal to start an easy fire.

11. Mountain dew+ Baking soda+ Peroxide will give you this awesome glow lamp.

12. Get a “Y” shaped wood stick and cook your buns over the fire.

13. Make your own Barbeque grill out of a tin can and foil.

14. Burn or add sage to your camping fire to keep insects and mosquitoes away.

15. Cotton balls dipped in paraffin wax to start quick fires.

16. With sand paper on the lid keep matches in a jar to avoid them getting wet.

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17. Make Eggs and bacon in a paper bag over the fire.

18. Cut the sides of the bag to carry logs of wood.