Can A Coincidence Be Freaky? Take A Look At These Instances & Judge For Yourself!


There are a lot of events that happen in our lives that we sit back and ask ourselves, fate? coincidence?? Bad luck?? Well the good part is that you’re not alone with this thought, what you will view below are coincidences that happened in history that really reach a point where it can be termed freaky, bad luck or maybe, just maybe it was the fate of the person. The timing of these events is just impeccable which makes it even more freaky and weird to a point. Such events don’t happen often but when they do they deserve a raised eyebrow. Fate?? coincidence? Bad luck or rather luck?? You be the judge!!



3. July 11, 1991-On July 11, 1991, a UFO was spotted simultaneously at the same time as a solar eclipse, weirdly this wasn’t the first sighting of UFO’s by Mexicans

4. Bad luck or just a veteran in disasters?? Violet Jessop was an ocean liner stewardess that survived three separate disasters on Olympic-class ocean liners, Titanic, RMS Olympic and Britannic. While hundreds died in these disasters she survived them all

5. Eleanor Rigby-“Eleanor Rigby” was released by The Beatles on August 5, 1966, Little did they know that although they thought of an original name for the song, it was a name on a tomb stone at a place that Paul and john lenon met for the first time.

6. The Kennedy-Lincoln 100 year link Link??-from their Birthdate to their assassins birthdate to their successors birthdate, all were hundred years apart

7. History Repeated itself?? Double Homicide – 157 Years Apart(1817 and 1974)- Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford, were both victims of a similar crime committed in the tiny village of Erdington, they both were killed on the same day, May 27th, same age of 20 years and their killers were both called Thornton. Both were raped and killed in the same fashion on their way to a dance.

8. Lightning’s familiar Victim?? -A British officer, Major Summerford, while fighting in the fields of Flanders in February 1918 was struck by lightning leaving him paralyzed waist down, while fishing in 1924 he was struck again paralyzing him on his right side, on 1930 yet again he was stuck while walking him in a park, four years later lightning struck a tomb stone namely Major Summerford.

9. The British actor Anthony Hopkins was delighted to hear that he had landed a leading role “ Hannibal” in a film based on the book The Girl From Petrovka by George Feifer. Hopkins travelled to London to buy a copy of the book. He tried several bookshops, but all in vain. Waiting at Leicester Square underground for his train home, he noticed a book apparently left on a bench. Incredibly, it was The Girl From Petrovka.. Two years later, in the middle of filming in Vienna, Hopkins was visited by George Feifer, the author. Feifer mentioned that he did not have a copy of his own book. He had lent the last one – containing his own annotations – to a friend who had lost it. With astonishment, Hopkins handed Feifer the book he had found. It was the same book.

10. James Dean’s car (Little Bastard) curse-In September 1955, James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident whilst he was driving his Porsche sports car. After the crash the car was seen as very unlucky.
a)On being towed from the crash site the engine slipped, hurt and paralyzed a worker.
b) The engine was bought by a doctor, who mounted it into his racing car. He was killed shortly after while racing
c) Another racing driver, in the same race, was killed in his car, which had James Dean’s driveshaft fitted to it.
d) When James Dean’s Porsche was later repaired, the garage it was in was destroyed by fire.
e) Later the car was displayed in Sacramento, but it fell off it’s mount and broke a teenager’s hip.
f) In Oregon, the trailer that the car was mounted on slipped from its towbar and smashed through the front of a shop.
g) Finally, in 1959, the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces while it was sitting on steel supports
Now is’n that enough damage caused by one car??

11. A bullet that reached its destiny years later-Henry Ziegland thought he had dodged fate. In 1883, he broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who, out of distress, killed herself. Her Bother brother was so enraged that he hunted down Ziegland and shot him and then turned his gun on himself. But Ziegland had not been killed. The bullet, in fact, had only grazed his face and then lodged in a tree. Some years later, however, Ziegland decided to cut down the large tree, which still had the bullet in it. He decided to blow it up with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland’s head, killing him.

12. Tit for tat- Twin boys FROM Ohio were separated at birth, being adopted by different families. Both families named the boys James.Both James grew up not even knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. They both had sons whom one named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women, both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy. Forty years after their childhood separation, the two men were reunited to come to know of this coincidence

13. Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet- Mark Twain was born on the day of the appearance of Halley’s Comet in 1835, and died on the day of its next appearance in 1910. He himself predicted this in 1909, when he said: “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.”

14. Two brothers while riding the same moped were killed by the same taxi driver carrying the same passenger, one year apart in 1975.

15. Arthur Gordon Pym was written in the 19th century by a famous horror writer named EdgarAllan Poe. In the book, he writes a story of four survivors who survive a shipwreck. Without food and water for days, three of the survivors kill and eat the cabin boy of the ship who was fictionally named ‘Richard Parker’. A few years later, the story became a reality with the survivors eating a cabin boy called Richard Parker.

16. Coincidence that sparked the First world war??
WWI started due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Bosnian peasant though to be part of a band of conspirators. Little is known about the fact that the assassin, Gavriol Princip gave up his plans to murder the archduke after a failed bombing attack. Apparently, during the archduke’s visit Princip was drowning his disappointment in a local café when Franz Ferdinand’s car stopped 20 feet away from him. Coincidence or not, the archduke’s driver did not only take a bad turn that day, but also managed to kill the engine while he was backing up.

17. John Lennon’s assassination- The Beatles star was killed by a schizophrenic night security guard named March Chapman in 1980.When the Biopic of Lenon was out, the actor who starred as him was called Mark Chapman

18. Lucky Hughs?
On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover – the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.
On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters – 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams
On 8th August 1820, a boat capsized on the Thames – there was one survivor – Hugh Williams.
On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine – only two men survived, one man and his nephew – they were both called Hugh Williams.

19. Licensed To Thrill-A fifteen year old student at Argoed High School in North Wales sat for his GCSE examinations in 1990. His name was James Bond and his examination paper reference was 007.

20. Practice What You Preach-Businessman Danie de Toit made a speech to an audience in South Africa, the topic being ’watch out because death can strike you down at any time’, on ending his speech, he put a peppermint in his mouth, and choked to death on it!

21. Everybody knows that kung-fu legend Bruce Lee died during the making of his last movie, Game of Death, he died the same way the script was supposed to end the star’s life in the movie.

22. Jackie Chan was Supposed to shoot a movie at the World Trade Center On 9/11 (About Terrorists) but decided not to because he wasn’t happy with the script, and pursued another project” The tuxedo”

23. In Detroit sometime in the 1930s as Figlock was walking down the street a baby fell from a high window onto Figlock. The baby’s fall was broken and both man and baby were unharmed. A stroke of luck on its own, but a year later, the very same baby fell from the very same window onto unsuspecting Joseph Figlock as he was again passing beneath. And again, the baby survived.

24. King Umberto I- King Umberto I and his aide decided to dine out for dinner. They went to a small restaurant and when the owner took the King’s order, Umberto noticed that he and the owner looked identical both in face and build. They started talking about their striking resemblances and ended up discovering many more similarities that they had in common. Both born on the same day of the same year (March 14, 1844)and town, Both married a woman by the name of Margherita. On the same day that Umberto was crowned King of Italy, the restaurateur opened his restaurant. On July 29, 1900, King Umberto was informed that the restaurateur had died that day in a mysterious shooting accident and as King Umberto expressed his regret, an anarchist in the crowd assassinated him on the very same day.