Crazy Cat Pictures That Prove They Are One Of The Funniest Animals Around!


Some people can’t imagine a life without cats. And as a pro tip from an ex cat owner, don’t ever enter your house after petting a street dog or cat. Chances are that your cat would have smelled the scent of another animal on you, ready to devour your cushions and bedding as revenge for cheating. And better not be gone away for too long leaving the precious little cat at home, it’s quite natural that you could come back home to a cat covered in yarn threads or toilet paper rolls.
But isn’t this what keeps life interesting and surprising? Knowing that you have a little furry animal that will wake you up each day by licking your nose or even scratching your eyes? Even though some may come off as aggressive and hard to love, cats surely won’t let you have a dull or lifeless day! You will quickly fall in love with their silliness and curiosity, which will help you cope with the bitter days. It takes your pets a lot of time to call you their favorite human and when they do, be prepared for endless cuddles and snuggles that make your cat-scratch-injuries, worth it!

Only your cat will agree to put up with insane demands like being your Ballet partner.

No living creature dare mess with this badass cat.

When only impressive Yoga skills can earn the attention you need.

Watch out for the Hanger-Cat, your wardrobe could be next!

I swear, there was another cat in the mirror, looking straight at me!

Now this is how you click a selfie!

When you are indulging in mischief and mom arrives at the scene

Don’t be surprised if he appears in the poster of the next ‘Avengers’ flick. Wondering what the dog was trying to do

Doesn’t he deserve to be on ‘America’s Got Talent’?

The moment this cat found out that it might not be a pretty pretty kitty.

The humble beginnings of Cat Woman.

Did someone order a Cat-sushi?

Usain Bolt has a new competitor now!

For those of you who find it hard to believe, this proves that Tigers belong to the cat family.

Reminds me of Hitler for some weird reason. I wonder if he has pockets in the sides

This cat deserves a cape and the attention of ‘Marvel’ comics

Two days into Yoga class and this feline has forgotten how to sleep like the average cat.

A blanket of a different kind. Ouch!

Just trying to ‘save’ that goldfish a human flushed down the toilet.

Try hard young fella, you are sure to succeed one day

Moments before this cat looked death straight in the eyes like a brave contender.

Awww! Now who would wanna punish this cute one for his crime?

Heights of insanity, literally. What was he thinking?

Now I understand how difficult it must be for young Kangaroos

A splash of reality

Stuck between wires, this is one brave cat, trying to look like all’s well in his world.

I wonder if he was born white or the flour had a role to play

Not exactly what was on mind when they said ‘New chocolate flavoured cake recipe’

Now I know how it feels to be wrapped by a python

Not just humans even the felines love grandma’s spectacles.

The curious case of a foolish cat

Well at least now the cat would never come close to the furnitures in the house.

NO, DON’T SLEEP HERE! A roasted cat is the last thing I wanna see on my barbeque

Finally the footwear gets its revenge after being bitten for months

What every sibling goes through when they have a big sister in the house. Not even the cats are spared!

Maybe if this cat stays still for another 2 minutes, the human won’t notice its presence.

Not even the cats can resist the smell of freshly done laundry.

The yummiest ice candy gives the most hilarious looking brain-freeze face.

That look of regret when the cat realized this wasn’t as comfortable as it thought it would be.

Trying out the different possible ways to look stylish while sipping water from the tap.

Drinking water from a wider bowl is definitely not for the brave and courageous one.

Maybe the humans should consider getting this interesting little sleeper a King-sized bed next time.

Someone explain the purpose of that cosy bed to this one, please?

The struggle is real, trying to sneak in your friend after visiting hours.

When your cat fails the potty training.

Just another Trump supporter. Or imposter. You choose.

The look your mom gives you when she finds out that your school results are out.

The moment the cat realized that he wasn’t the ‘Honey’ his owner meant when he said, “Honey, dinner is ready”.

Next time they ask you to look under the bed for monsters, look up your ceiling for nosy cats.

“Clean the mess, Sally. Can’t you see I’m in the middle of an important game?”

This cat sure does not find it amusing to be dressed up as a trash bag for Halloween.

“What do you mean this ain’t a cat-tub?”

Curiosity might never kill this guy. Obesity and slogging away in front of the TV, might.

You know where to look for your missing cat now; behind cracked walls or ceilings.

What a typical Skype session with a best friend looks like.

Moments before this cat realized that one way to get yourself killed is by smelling the insides of your human’s shoe. Lesson

A couple of toasted bread with Cat-omelet before heading out for work.

Did you just say there’s a rat in the house!

This is an exact representation of what identity crisis looks like.

When they switch to a political discussion on Friday night out.

When you keep telling your human family how much you hate snow but they don’t understand the meow language

In the parallel universe, this cat cannot wait to meet her new kitten-lings.

What everyone’s typical Sunday evening looks like. Slouch away, Kitty!

When your mom dresses you up to look like a pretty little angel. Not

This cat sure looks like it’s plotting a slow and painful death for giving it a shower!

It’s illegal to wake a sleeping cat up. The important projects and assignments can wait.

When you get ready for work but really you’re just going out to meet the street cats for some heavy seafood lunch

Nobody warned this poor cat that the baby human’s toys would one day bury her alive.

“Call me a little kitty again and watch me break everything in the house in the middle of the night!”

“I feel accomplished after having killed that fly!”

Pretty sure this guilty looking cat had a great reason for ripping off the new napkins. It could’ve been infested with tiny rats or mice. Could have. Just making sure

Even the prettiest cats have their share of unphotogenic days.

That face we all know too well when an older relative asks us to help them with technology.

Does this cat know that it’s been swallowed by the food it was eating?

“Have the humans forgotten to knock?”

Oh poor kitty, where is thine will to live?

Tried getting a hairstyle like Kristen Stewart’s, but the end result turns out to be this. EPIC FAIL!

Octo’pussy’. A horrifying bath story

Please be kind to your cats, else this is what they would do when you hit the bed!

Doesn’t it remind you of Leonardo DiCaprio’s plight in ‘The Revenant’? The difference: this is funnier

When the Dictator cat is on the loose.

This one deserves to be in the bowling alley.

“Oh we’re as shocked as you are! We are sure the dog is behind this crime.”

If I stay still, the silly humans would think it’s a Mannequin challenge and treat me for my wittiness.

When you try working after finishing a large pizza

Maybe we should stick him against the wall now.

When they tell you that you can be anything you want to be.

A musical performance I’m looking forward to.

Cue the song ‘They see me rollin’’ by Chamillionaire.

“What do you mean I’m not allowed to pounce on her and scratch her when she’s asleep?”

Just when you thought your cat loves listening to how your day was, they do this.

That one, overly dressed, rich guy in the squad.

Falling asleep during a chore, is what even the animals relate to.

“What you looking at? Wasn’t this set up as my Christmas gift?!”

1 week after getting the cats home and the child forgets how to be a human.

Now you know why bottleneck situations can be terrible

When you’re an independent cat and you have to run your own errands.

When you want your crush to notice you.

Maybe not the best Kleenex to use when you have your allergies.

Nothing could stop the curiosity of this little kitten, not even the cushions.