CBD Cream Topical Lotions Versus Non-CBD Topical Ointments


CBD is used for a variety of physical pain management. Unlike pain medication, it is not physically addictive and is generally considered safer than prescription opioids. Since CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, its topical cream can be applied directly to the skin.

What Is CBD Topical Cream?

CBD topical cream is primarily used for physical aches and pains, but can also help acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

CBD topical ointment is a natural pain reliever. It does not produce anxiety or provide the intoxicating effects that marijuana has. By using a topical cream, it can be directly applied as an anti-inflammatory to heal swollen, irritated skin as well as muscle aches. By entering the pores directly, CBD topicals can penetrate the area in pain.

What Is A Non-CBD Topical Cream?

Non-CBD topical ointments are regularly found in grocery aisles or convenient stores. Although some may require a prescription, many are made from oil and water. These topicals are used to soothe irritation or itchy skin and can be used on many parts of the body. The main way in which they are designed to create comfort is through their moisturizing properties.

Moisturizing is frequently used for any type of dry skin, especially rashes. Although they can help to lock in moisturizer, they provide little beyond oil and water or fat and water. Both types of ointment can feel greasy and slick.

Is There A Major Difference In Ingredients?

All topicals and ointments are different depending on the brand. In general, most over-the-counter ointments are solely water and oil or fat based. CBD creams tend to have additional treatment ingredients such as shea butter or vitamin E. Oil-based CBD topicals are easily absorbed and can reach deeper than many non-CBD ointments.

CBD Topical Cream vs. Non CBD Topical Cream: Which Works Better?

Both types of topicals are used for 4 primary symptoms:

  • Dry skin
  • Red or irritated skin
  • Itching
  • Pain

By applying a cream or ointment directly to the skin, medication can nourish and treat the body quickly. Using capsules or pills to help treat pain and irritated skin can take an hour to digest whereas topicals and ointments work much faster.

Although the methodology and reasons for use are similar, there are differences between CBD cream and a regular over-the-counter type ointment. Depending on the strength and dosage of CBD lotion, this cream can greatly decrease pain for menstrual cramps, foot and hand pain, back pain and arthritis. Since it frequently contains more healing properties than a regular ointment, it does not rely on water and oil alone to heal inflammation and body aches.

Another difference between regular topical and CBD cream is in the preventative care that CBD cream can provide. Using CBD cream on a regular basis can help those who have arthritis in their hands because of the anti-inflammatory properties it provides. Although this does not happen right away, using the cream on a daily basis can have a positive impact on the overall pain of joints.

Are All CBD Lotions The Same?

Knowing which type of CBD lotion to buy is key when healing physical pain. Dosage may vary depending on the severity of pain as well as body weight and individual health. CBD extracts can have multiple compounds depending on where it is purchased. Places like https://nanocraftcbd.com/collections/topicals sell a variety of topicals that are safe for the skin.


While administering non-CBD lotion and regular ointment may be the same, both topicals have different levels of pain treatment. CBD lotion is frequently used for chronic pain and can be an effective preventative measure when taken on a daily basis. Since CBD topical cream can penetrate the skin at a deep level, pain can be lifted quickly and safely. Non-CBD ointment is primarily used for hydration purposes that can also help dry skin. For a timely pain relief solution, CBD topical cream is recommended for almost any skin condition.