These Creatures May Not Look Like Much But What They Can Do Is Shocking!


When we think of animals that kill and that are a threat to humans we think of lions, sharks and animals of that sort that attack when one is within the limit of their boundaries. Today we are going to show you creatures that no one would suspect the danger they pose, and these don’t even need to be provoked to cause harm to the victim, all you can say that those who have faced these creatures has just fallen into the path of bad luck. From instant death to paralyses to excruciating deaths, these animals survive on predating on others, and their numbers are unaccountable

1. Mosquito
This insect is the result of 700 million deaths around the world as a result of dengue, malaria and other fatal diseases. A bite that doesn’t hurt but kills, this insect is certainly one of the most destructive creatures till date.

2. Blue ringed Octopus
Although just the size of a golf ball this creature’s venom is good enough to kill 26 grown adults by paralyzing victims within minutes. Also known as a silent killer as a person wouldn’t know they are bitten till the venom acts of the body to do the harmful.

3. Tick
A black spot is the only way to figure out that you have been stung by a tick. This microscopic animal can cause eciphelitis(inflammation of the brain) one the venom enters the blood vessels.

4. Wolverine
A mix between a bear and a dog, this intelligent animal attacks without provocation, it decimated the carcass and spreads it over different places and does not leave till it has eaten everything, even the bones.

5. Tse Tse Fly
The bite of this fly causes African sleeping sickness and is responsible in the death of quarter of million lives. Who said Flies don’t kill??

6. Komodo Dragon
Once a month is all they need to eat, what is dangerous about them is their stealth, they are known to attack their prey, rip their throat out and retreat till the blood of the prey is drained out and then harvest on their prey. Gruesome is the word to define this creature.

7. Electric Eel
This animal might not directly kill a human but if one is straying by its path its possible you might get a 600 volt sting, enough to then kill you. Other name for the Electric Eel is knifefish.

8. The Cassowary
This bird is one of the most deadliest birds in the world and will brutally murder anything in its path with its razor sharp claws and its beak. Now don’t go trying to pet this bird!

9. Coral Palythoacoral
These have toxic chemicals that are not fully known yet. The most deadly coral is the Palythoa. It can kill a rabbit with only a 25 nanogram injection. To kill a human would only take 4 micrograms. Palytoxin is considered one of the most toxic organic poisons. Symptoms of palythoa poisoning include chest-pains, difficulty breathing, racing pulse and low-blood pressure. Death occurs within minutes, and there is no treatment.

10. Stonefish
Camouflaged property of this fish makes it dangerous, stepping on it can cost you your life or leg at the least. Known to predate on fish and eat them in 0.15 seconds. Now that is some speed.

11. Cone Snail
One drop can kill 20 grown humans, it works so fast that a time taken to smoke a cigarette is enough for the venom to end your life, as you stub that cigarette this will stub your life. Worst part is that there is no for its poisonous venom.

12. Africanized Honey Bee
In 1957 a Brazillian who was trying to breed European and African bees together let some out unintentionally, an act that would traumatize America for years to come. The bees do not have any reason for provocation and could follow a victim up to a mile to seal the deal.

13. Parasitic Worms
Parasitic worms are a type of eukaryotic parasite that get their nourishment from absorbing the nutrients of their hosts by sucking their blood. Most parasitic worms are known to dwell inside the digestive tract of humans and cause insomnia, vomiting, nausea, and numerous other issues and death.

14. Puss Caterpillars
Their fur hides spines that are very harmful to humans, causing numbness, chest pain and difficulty in breathing, can be fatal if not treated immediately.

15. Hooded Pitohui
Its venom has the same effect of the poison dart frog, and can kill slowly, the effects after a bite are barely noticeable. They are called flying venom.

16. Lanomia or “Assassin Caterpillar”
Its ability to blend with nature is the scary part, known to have killed hundreds over past few years, its venom is such that it prevents the blood from clotting causing bleeding from every pore of your body. Known to cause deaths or permanent paralysis.

17. Cuttlefish
This fish does something that is most cases is worse than death, its venom attacks the nervous system causing paralysis.

18. Eastern Diamondback
One of the most venomous snakes in North America, The venom of this killer reptile is known to degenerate organs and disrupt clotting along with excruciating pain.

19. Giant Japanese Hornet
This insect kills more humans than venomous animals itself, it is known for killing hundreds a year in japan and causes pain and swelling at first.

20. Siafu Ants
Found in north America and Central and Eastern Africa these ants travels together in armies as many as 50 million together, wiping out anything in its path, even humans, consuming the whole body.