Creepiest Lighthouses in The World. Their Stories Will Give You CHILLS!


Their isolated locations already give lighthouses a spooky aura. But did you know that most of these lighthouses have stories that add to their freaky nature. Some of these tales of violence and horror may have your hair standing on end.

1. South Stack Lighthouse
On October 25th, 1853, the shore beside this lighthouse was hit by one of the worst possible storms this shore has seen. Apart from the 200 wrecked ships, the storm also claimed the life of the Lighthouse keeper Jack, who was hit on the head by a rock. 100 years have come to pass and still the Ghost of Jack haunts this very spot. From knocking on the door to frantically rapping the windows, Jack’s presence is still very much felt. People who had a skeptical view towards the story have been quite astonished to how true the claims are of the Ghost of the South Stack Lighthouse.

2. Pensacola Lighthouse
A story of true love gone sour; Michaela Penalber married Jeremiah Ingraham and what looked like the perfect marriage with the perfect place to stay in, a lighthouse, soon turned bitter. In 1840 Michaela stabbed her husband to death during an altercation. After the murder she lived on all alone at the lighthouse till she passed away, fifteen years later. Strangely, they both never left the place, as those who visit still feel the violence around this lighthouse. There have even been objects thrown at them out of nowhere. The blood stain of the murder have not faded, even if it washed it away, it reappears and visitors have complained of a presence they feel breathing on them or following them through the lighthouse.

3. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
Legend has it that J.P Radan Muller was the keeper of the lighthouse at Gibraltar Point but met a bitter end after a drinking session with a group of rowdy strangers. While they were drinking, a fight broke out resulting in the murder of Muller. It is not known where his body was disposed of by this rowdy troop but after that his omnipresent self has been seen wandering around the campus accompanied by mournful moans. Visitors have often spotted a thick mist that looms over them, giving them the shivers.

4. Point Lookout Lighthouse
Built in 1830, this lighthouse has been the center of paranormal activity in Maryland. So much so that Dr. Hans Holzer and his team of ghost hunters bugged the place for any evidence of ghosts. Not to their surprise they recorded 24 different voices, some arguing, and some laughing, including the previous lighthouse keeper Ann Davis who is heard saying fondly “My home”.  Apparently the confederate soldiers were held captive by the lighthouse and their very spirits have chosen to linger on at this lighthouse. One such voice was recorded” Fire at them if they come any closer”.

5. Talacre Lighthouse
Although the lighthouse has been out of service since 1840, the lighthouse keeper still lives on. Visitors have often spotted this omnipresent keeper standing on the top of the lighthouse (although it is shut), while some feel ill as they approach this ancient building. One woman reported that her son caught a high fever when they went to visit this spot and several other children have experienced the same and returning to good health after leaving the site. Apparently the Lighthouse keeper succumbed to a high fever.

6. Boon Island Lighthouse
Yet another lighthouse in which true love is at the receiving end of bitterness. A woman namely Katherine Bright married the love of her life who was the keeper of this very lighthouse. A few months into their fairytale wedlock, the keeper was struck with illness and while a storm one night raged on, he passed away with the stormy breeze. Katherine attended to the light of the house the next five days nonstop without food or water. The shattered and grief stricken lady was found by the locals wandering and embracing her dead husband in her mindless state. She did continue to work at the lighthouse till her death but her spirit resided by the site. People have often seen a white sad faced apparition that lingers around and in the lighthouse. In fact the following keepers have been shaken when they spot the lights of the lighthouse turn on and off although no one else is on the island apart from them.

7. Souter Lighthouse
Regarded as the most haunted lighthouse in the UK, this lighthouse hosts the ghostly presence of a girl named Isobella Darling the niece of famous Grace Darling. She is known for her heroic attempt to save crew members of the sinking SS Forfarshire in 1838. It is not too clear why she haunts this lighthouse but her activity in it is undeniable. The working staff in this lighthouse has reported floating spoons, sudden drop in temperature and physical attack. Isobella is not the only ghost to linger around this lighthouse, one staff member once was stopped dead in her tracks by a man who was dressed as a lighthouse keeper and then vanished in thin air only to leave a trace of the smell of tobacco.

8. Seguin Island Lighthouse
Built in 1857, this lighthouse is the tallest in Maine. The lighthouse in its early years was kept by a man and his wife. Being the only two people around, the wife took to playing the piano to pass her time but the isolation drove the man to insanity. One day he bludgeoned his wife’s head with an axe and took his life too. The sound of their lost souls has ever since stayed with the lighthouse, some even hearing the piano play at nights. In 1985 the lighthouse was decommissioned and a man who was in charge of the packing and moving of the items stayed at the lighthouse overnight to protect the valuables. The man was awoken to a violent shake of his bed and a voice indicating him to get the hell out of the lighthouse. Unfazed by the incident the man carried on with his job and packed the valuables on a boat and sent it to its required destination. The boat never reached and sank in the most freakish way possible.

9. New London Ledge Lighthouse
US coast guards started to watch over this particular lighthouse in 1939 and no much later eeriness started to creep in. It started before this but the insanity of the place got to Ernie, a US coast guard, who climbed to the summit of the lighthouse and jumped to his death, some even say he slit his throat with a fishing hook. Not much later did Ernie returned for his everlasting watch over this place and some of the guards have even called for help during the night and asked to be deployed somewhere else because of the spooky events that took place. Most of them were physically assaulted, some pulled out of their bed at night and flung around. Although the lighthouse was automated in 1987, some crews have spotted a man standing on the top of the lighthouse and luring them to it.

10. Heceta Head Lighthouse
Haunted by “The Gray Lady”, plenty of people have experienced the presence of this long grey skirt lady who occupies the attic in the lighthouse. The grey lady apparently lost her baby as it fell from the lighthouse and since then has decided to live on at this place forever. One worker who was replacing a window in the attic was scared out of his skull when he saw this white apparition around him while he was working. What was even more frightening was how the broken glass of the window was cleared up and placed as a pile neatly the next day when he came back to work.

11. Owls Head Light, Owls Head, Maine
The ghost of the old keeper of the house still very much is present at this light house. The ghostly presence came to notice when the present keepers daughter had an imaginary friend who kept telling her parents instructions as to what the dead keeper would pass to her. The little girl by herself had no knowledge of keeping the lighthouse which took her parents by surprise. People have often spotted footprints in the snow made by the ghost lighthouse keeper.

12. Seul Choix Lighthouse, Gulliver, Michigan
The very lighthouse that overlooks Lake Michigan is still host to Captain Joseph Townsend, a former keeper who haunts this 78-foot tower. He apparently died and his body was kept in the basement for three months, due to extreme weather at that time, before it was buried. The captain is often seen by the staff peering through the windows and at times rearranging the furniture in the place.

13. St. Simons Lighthouse, St. Simons Island, Georgia
As a consequence to one fatal fight that saw assistant keeper Frederick Osborne gunned down by his boss John Stevens, this Lighthouse remains haunted. It was the year 1880, when a heated argument pushed John to take this murderous step and although he wasn’t convicted of the murder, he was punished by the ghost of Frederick Osborne. Many still hear and experience the presence of Frederick, his footsteps being the main and he tendering to the lights gets the staff scampering out of the lighthouse even today.

14. Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California
While most of Crescent city was destroyed by the 1964 Tsunami, this very lighthouse stood tall despite the disaster. Probably why, the ghost who haunts this lighthouse chooses this location to spend its eternity. The ghost is often a prankster more that haunting in fact, as it relocates the possessions of the staff and gets the cats around the area on their heels with what it does. Some also speculate that it could be a ghost dog.

15. Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, Gasparilla Island, Florida
Besides the scenic beauty of this location lies one really weird fact, the presence of the ghost of the former keeper’s daughter. Every night people who have wandered this location in silence have noticed the sound of the child playing in the lighthouse and her innocent giggle is one that can’t be ignored or mistaken for. Apart from little girl, people have also reported seeing the headless body of Spanish Princess Josefa, according to the legend, she was decapitated by a pirate.