The Curses That Haunt The Human Race! Their Stories Are Downright Horrifying!!


Since the beginning of time curses have haunted man. Whether it is true or just coincidental is unknown and will remain that way till the end of time. Till today people fear the fact that they could be cursed, some laugh it off though. These are strange cases of curses being fulfilled, who knows that the result of their deaths was just their time to go, but the timing is impeccable and something that even a non- believer of curses can’t ignore.

1. Pharaoh’s Curse
The curse states that illness, death or bad luck will come to anyone who disturbs the tomb of a Pharaoh. This curse came to light when Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1992. The same day the tomb was disturbed a snake entered Carter’s house and ate his pet canary. Well that was not all, soon, most of his colleagues who worked with him on the case died mysteriously including his financier Lord Carnavon, who was the first to open the tomb’s inner door.

2. Otzi The Iceman
Otzi is Europe’s oldest mummy. He froze in the Otzal Alps after he succumbed to an arrow wound and a head injury. In 1991, and 5800 years later, two German hikers found the remains of Otzi. Believed to be cursed, all seven people involved in discovering his body died including Rainer Henn who moved the body with his bare hands. He died in a car crash on the way to a conference to discuss his research.

3. The Cursed Ring Of Silvanius
The ring, dating back to the 4th or 5th century, was found in England in 1785. The ring bears an image of the goddess Venus and has a Latin Phrase that means “Senicianus lives in God.” The meaning of the ring was not known until 1805, when a Roman curse tablet was unearthed from the neighboring village which cursed Senicianus with sickness if does not return the lost ring to the temple. This story was an inspiration for J.R.R Tolkien for his bestseller ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

4. The Hope Diamond
Now one of the greatest treasures in the world, according to the legend the diamond was stolen from the eye of the Hindu goddess Sita by a French merchant Jean Tavernier. Not much later he was mauled to death by a pack of wolves and the diamond was passed to King Louis XIV who died of gangrene. King Louis XVI and his wife Marie who then possessed it were beheaded during the French Revolution. The Diamond proved to be an omen for all those who possessed it later till it was donated to the Smithsonian Museum. The mailman who delivered the diamond to the museum was at the receiving end of freak accidents after that.

5. Bjorketorp Runestone
Dating back to 500-800A.D, this Swedish stone has an inscription on it which states that if anyone tries to break this stone he will be doomed to an insidious death.  A farmer tested this curse by lighting a fire around it to heat it then melt it, despite good weather, a strong wind blew while the fire was lit which set the farmer on fire. The stone suffered no damage as a result of the fire.

6. Curse Of The Nepalese Royal Family
Legend says that the first Nepalese King, Prithvi Narayan Shah gave curd to a yogi namely Garakhnath, who consumed the curd and vomited it and offered it back to the king. The King flabbergasted with the offering refused it and the angered yogi stated that the reign of the king would end after the tenth generation. Rightly so, in 2001 Dipendra the Nepalese crown price murdered his whole family after a spat with them over their refusal to accept his bride. The king slaughtered his father, mother and seven others of his family. The rule was then passed to his uncle of the ninth generation before the state turned democratic.

7. The “27 Club”
Legend says that Iconic blues artist Robert Johnson made a pact with the devil in the 30’s. His fame and fortune is rumored to be a result of this pact. He died on the 16th of August, 1938; he was 27 years old. Strangely the number 27 has been the age of death for many rock idols that followed after Mr. Johnson. All died unusual deaths, some were suspected to have been murdered as well. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison are just a few that are part of the “27 club”. Is that a co-incidence or is it fate? You decide

8. The Cursed Song
Frank Sinatra is an all-time great, but his song “my way” has spurred more bad memories than good. According to sources, at least six people have been killed while singing it at a karaoke night in different places. Was it the ghost of Sinatra angry at his songs being sung horrendously?

9. The Curse That Killed The Russian Royal Family
Rasputin was a poor peasant who was born in Siberia. From his unidentifiable status, this magician rose to be the adviser of the Tsarina Aleksandra.  They grew even fonder of him after he cured their ailing son. The aristocrats, jealous of his status in the palace considering he is a peasant, decided to rid of him. Rasputin magically was very difficult to kill; he survived gunshot wounds, brutal beatings and an attempt to remove his genitals. Unfortunately for the royal family, they finally managed to tie him up and dump him in an icy river. Before he died, he left a curse that stated that if he was killed by the aristocrats, the royal family will also be killed within a year. Within a year the Tsar, his wife and kids were executed, fulfilling the prophecy of Rasputin.

10. The Curse of the dragon
The story narrated that legendary Bruce Lee’s father Lee Hoi Chuen, was cursed by Chinese merchants who said that all the males of his household would die young. That is exactly what happened when Bruce lee, and his son, died very young. The Movie Dragon, a biopic on Bruce Lee, showed him fighting a demon, depicting this very curse. Strangely, two months before the movie came out his son succumbed to the ‘curse’.