Dating Tips For The Nerds Out There


Nerds and introverts in general sometimes have a hard time keeping their heads above water in the dating pool. Sure, today it’s a little easier to spot that sexy Trekkie but it’s you still haven’t leveled up to what to do on date night, fret not. We’ve got your cheat codes right here complete with where to go, what to avoid, and other hidden gems of common sense.

Avoid crowded clubs and bars

Anyone who has been to a convention knows that nerds love to drink. Mind you, as numerous videos of costumed con-goers can attest, they are not always very good at it. More importantly, a great number of popular bars and clubs don’t exactly cater to that crowd to put it nicely.

They are not always that appealing either once you get inside. So if you have not mutually agreed upon such a spot ahead of time, you might want to seriously consider avoiding these places altogether. Boisterous, unknown crowds that have little or no actual interest in your LARP or local cos-play club can be anxious and unsettling at best.

Instead, brainstorm on some entertaining alternative activities to feed your personal party-nerd. Consider attending a fun theme night somewhere. These days dress-up is not just for kids. Nor is it just for Halloween.

Look into such things as the Wizard’s Ball, the popular Time Lord Party or the Harry Potter-themed Wizards and Witches Beer Festival. All you need to do is let the great Google be your guide.

Do you still have your hearts set on the club scene? Think about specialty bars such as the famous Battle & Brew: Atlanta, Georgia’s first Geek-Game-Nerdbar. This popular place offers customers a full bar and restaurant, video games, theme nights and tabletop gaming too.

“Answer me, these questions three”

Asking questions might not exactly be the Holy Grail of dating tips but it’s a good way to get to know a potential partner. It’s being chill enough to utter that ice-breaker that’s hard for some. Discuss favorite activities, genres, and hobbies.

  1. What recent movies have you seen?
  2. Are you into anime?
  3. Do you like to read?
  4. Who is your favorite author?
  5. Do you read comics?
  6. Do you watch TV?
  7. Do you like music?

If the person responds by naming something you are unfamiliar with, simply ask them to give you a general synopsis. You might discover that you’re interested in it too. You now have another thing in common. Be open to answering his/her questions as well since a conversation is all about the give and take.

“The Challenger”

There is arguably no bigger turn-off than when someone becomes “The Challenger.” (No, this has nothing to do with someone in a frenzied Smash Bros Brawl tournament and tossing your little Pikachu over the edge of the infamous Hyrule Castle.) This is about someone who feels the need to “challenge” your personal “nerd-cred” if you will.

In truth, “nerd-cred” isn’t even real. If you’re into something, you’re into something. You might like Pokemon but not have a raging desire to actually “catch ‘em all.”

Your personal level of interest should not negate your claim to be a fan. Don’t aggressively challenge someone about their true status as a fan. If they only know super-heroes from the movies that’s cool.

Now you have the opportunity to fill them in on how things are in the comic books. Don’t look at the person and tell them they can’t be a real fan of super-heroes if they don’t read the comic books. It’s just plain rude and makes you look like an “anal aperture,” so to speak. If you find yourself facing a challenger, tell them it shouldn’t really matter and try to move on. If that fails, politely end the date and Lyft out of there.

Have fun. Have safe sex. If all else fails and you’re having a hard time even finding a partner in crime, consider a totally free dating site. There are plenty of them and some are perfect for nerds. Remember, the internet can be your friend.