How Different Life Was In The Past? These 30 Photos Will Leave Your Stumped!


We are very used to the life we lead today simply because it is the one we were born into and the only one we know, but have you ever taken a moment to reflect upon what life would be like for our parents, or indeed, their parent? These 30 images will take you back in time to get a glimpse of just that

1. The early 20th century version of alarm clocks.

2. In 1914 “pin boys” used to set up the pins manually.

3. A police officer on a Harley and an old fashioned mobile holding cell in 1921.

4. Winners of a 1922 beauty pageant.

5. Couple have fun with their turn at the zipline in 1923.

6. In the 1920’s women used to wear this horrendous mask to shield themselves from the sun.

7. The One Wheel Motorcycle, capable of reaching a top speed of 93 mph in 1931.

8. Used in the 1930’s for their babies to get enough sunlight, they were called baby cages.

9. The GPS used in the 1930’s.

10. Model T “Elevator Garage” in Chicago in 1936.

11. Face cones were used to protect oneself during snowstorms. It was fashionable back in the day.

12. It was the year 1946, and this Austrian boy couldn’t be more excited to have his first pair of new shoes.

13. Ice-cold Whisky dispensers used in public and sometimes in offices in the 50’s.

14. Afghan women in 1950’s, at a public library.

15. Paul McCartney taking a mirror selfie in the 50’s.

16. The “TV Glasses” that never quite caught on in 1963.

17. A young woman takes her pet lobster out for a walk.

18. Babies wearing the gas mask hood system during a 1940 London bombing drill

19. A beach official measures bathing suits to ensure they aren’t too short in the 1920’s.

20. The LA Public Library’s bookmobile program for the sick in 1928.

21. Microphone for the public.

22. Walter Reed physiotherapy in the 1920’s.

23. Lewis Sayre’s scoliosis treatment during 1850-1900.

24. Antique birthing chair in the 1800’s.

25. Early surgical procedure (1855-1860)

26. Hair Dryer

27. A device to teach toddlers to walk.

28. Cigarette holder for two.

29. Hangover face mask

30. Dog Restrainer, 1940.