Disasters Waiting To Happen When Kids Are Alone At Home! OMG!


Even while driving to office, the thought of what the young ones are doing at home might constantly worry you. On returning home, big surprises welcome you each time. Have you caught your kids doing something like this? This is beyond hilarious!!

1. Boys might discover their wild fantasies when they are alone

Image Source: listcovery.com

2. The sacrifice pets have to make in the absence of a sketch book

Image Source: wtfhappen.com

3. Making a style statement in the absence of mom & dad

Image Source: nadlanu.com

4. Responsible boys watering their plants

Image Source: nadlanu.com

5. If you think that the younger one will be safe with his sibling…

Image Source: pondokibu.com

6. Toilet paper art

Image Source: distractify.com

7. AWWWW!!!!

Image Source: prikol.ru

8. Oh no! I didn’t wanna see that

Image Source: nyrka.ru

9. Wonder how the cat reacted to that

Image Source: xxxtelecom.ucoz.de

10. Guilty of graffiti without permission

11. Now you know why the flour goes missing

Image Source: qasid.az

12. The Secret hidden inside beanbags finally revealed.

Image Source: mebzu.com

13. Two other fans of flour

Image Source: distractify.com

14. Generous girl who shared chocolate with the walls

15. All you chain smokers, take notes…

Image Source: blog.livedoor.jp

16. Anyone can be Spiderman, but only when mom & dad aren’t around

Image Source: blog.livedoor.jp

17. The Dark Knight who rose in the absence of his family

Image Source: noticias24.com

18. A terrestrial kid who decided to turn aquatic…Wait! What about the poor fishes?

Image Source: likes.com

19. When the passion to turn into the next Pablo Picasso went a tad too far

Image Source: imgbuddy.com

20. Kid proves that things much heavier than poop can also be flushed