Don’t You Think We Are Hopelessly Obsessed With Vampires? Here Are 10 Reasons Why!


Stephan, Damon; Stephan, Damon; the conflict that plagues teenagers all over the world (and do we really care about a narcissist and a chump) why don’t we go with grumpy AKA Edward Cullen…and so it began (and we’ll try to refrain from judgments). For those who are unaware of the cause behind the nonsensical droning’s (have you been living in a cave) we are talking about the current fad to rock the world off its hinges, Vampires!! You either have to be dead or cut off from civilization not to have witnessed this wildfire for yourself… vampires have been part of our cultural history for centuries but turned into a full blown frenzy when twilight hit the screens and sucked out (pun intended) every ounce of common sense from our lives. So what is it about the undead that makes a well-adjusted person throw caution to the winds and plunge into the deep waters of pure non sense? A guy watching you sleep (creepy under any circumstance) is appraised as romantic, whilst a guy with a pulse would be locked behind bars for lesser deeds (double standard much) but if he’s sporting fangs we’d chalk it off of eccentricities…why do we insist on dismissing their parasitic tendencies as minor frivolities, (right drinking human blood and decapitating them for sport is just frivolous). It’s true, and there is no point in denying it, we have an unnatural obsession with vampires. Shows that are purely dedicated to this genre like true blood and vampire diaries just add fuel to this obsession. Further more people have begun to bite each other exchanging blood in the process emulating vampires (not a recommended practice!). A huge cult is dedicated to this misguided obsession and there are many who have tried and failed miserably to rid the country of this ailment. They can’t be defeated so, if you can’t beat them, join them, or at least strive to understand what fuels their passion for all things vampire. Here’s our attempt…

1. They’re hot
It helps us forget that they’re like parasites, if they’re easy on the eyes… I mean just look at them!!

2. They’re mysterious
You kind of have to be if you’re night job involves killing people for food… some people take their mystery with a lot of creepy

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3. They’re badass
They’re tough…you don’t see them cowering behind a tree when faced with an adversary…granted, they’ve got super human strength going for them but toughs tough…

4. They’re frightening
There’s something about feeling helpless that gets humans going…when you’re spooked you’re primal side makes a debut… it just revs up conflicted emotions in you…it’s exhilarating…I didn’t say its sane, but there you have it

5. They’re ageless
Who wouldn’t want that…staying young forever is something we all strive for.

6. They’re immortal
frankly we don’t see the allure…living forever is not all that’s cracked up to be…sooner or later you’d be begging for death…can you imagine spending an eternity alone or god forbid with someone…spare me the torture. Example: Selene from Underworld who is over 300 years old!!

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7. Huge fans of S&M
They like to bite and some people just love to be bitten…brings out their wild side…Hey, if you’re into kinky love then vampires know what you are talking about 😉

8. They’re forbidden
They emanate an aura of a forbidden fruit that makes people go wild and delve deeper into their trap

9. They’re invincible
Nothing can kill them. Well, almost nothing…a bullet merely leaves a scratch but a stake through the heart does the trick. Example: Wesley Snipes in Blade

10. They treat us like human a cafeteria
(Grasping at straws here)…. it does make sense in a weird sort of a way! Humans are like a buffet for them!