Drinking Myths Busted!! I’m So Glad #7 Is Not Real!


Every drinker has his or her own perception towards alcohol, some of it facts and most of it fiction. The effect of alcohol on a person has been misconceived due to various people going head strong against it. In moderate quantities it may be harmless for the body’s functioning. More often than not information comes from people who themselves are drinkers and is incorrect because they would have heard it from a friend who heard it from their friends and so on. That being said, it’s time we pushed aside those myths that doom over alcohol and get your perception towards alcohol and its consumption straightened out.  Always remember, drink if you want to but be responsible when you drink! Cheers.

1. A drink before nap time will give you sound sleep. Well no true, alcohol actually disrupts the REM causing disturbed sleep. Put that booze away before your nap now.

2. The Belly doesn’t come from the beer. A common myth that beer gives you that belly, what you’re consuming with that beer is the true culprit.

3. Hangover pills will get you fresh as ever the next day after your drinking session.

4. Gone are your brain cells when you consume alcohol. In fact alcohol in a moderate quantities improves cognition.

5. Pregnant women that drink will instantly harm the child or cause a natural abortion. Obviously the limited alcohol intake when pregnant is advisable, but a full abstinence is not necessary.

6. Mixing drinks get you drunk faster and harder. Nope, just that you are in taking more alcohol with every drink resulting in your assumption. The taste is the only difference, alcohol is the same in every drink.

7. Beer the appetizer and hard drinks the main course?? Do it the other way round and you will still get the same result.

8. Advertising influences the public to drink. Nah, the public will drink anyway.

9. You can fool a breathalyzer with various techniques. Nope, not possible, it is a chemical reaction that spurs the reading and measures the amount of alcohol content in your blood, the smell doesn’t matter.

10. Abstaining from alcohol will save more lives, yes it does result in deaths as a result of drunken driving and damage to your liver but as long as you drink responsibly and don’t try to operate machines (especially motor vehicles) when under the influence, things might just be fine.