Driving On These Roads Is No Child’s Play You Either Need To Be Insane Or Very VERY Brave!


As soon as the weekend arrives, most adventure enthusiasts would love to drive through the roads less explored. Here are few such roads which are situated amidst jaw-dropping delights of nature. Though these paths may look stunning from a distance, driving through them could be quite a challenge and requires great precision. You just can’t afford to make even the smallest mistake on most of these roads, else the consequences can be devastating.

1. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

Image Source: bigfooty.com

2. The way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

Image Source: pakwheels.com

3. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

Image Source: dailynewso.com

4. The Himalayan Roads

Image Source: fbtroll.com

5. North Yungas ‘Road Of Death’, Bolivia

Image Source: njhowto.com

This road is famous for being one the most scariest paths to drive. An average of 200 to 300 people are killed every year on this Bolivian road.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Image Source: top10spy.com

7. Pasubio, Italy

Image Source: brajdo.com

8. Heavy Linking Avenue, China

Image Source: enpundit.com

9. Ice Road, Yellow Knife, Canada

Image Source: car-accidents.com

You might have heard of ‘walking on thin ice’, but how about ‘driving on ice’? If luck is not by your side then the results could be life threatening.

10. Road Of Bones, Russia

Image Source: the-bblue.blogspot.in

Muddy roads during the rains and the cloud of dust created by passing vehicles during summer, makes driving quite a task on this Russian road.

11. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

12. Atlantic Ocean road, Norway

Image Source: theamazingpics.com

When the sea is violent, this stretch of road gets engulfed by the gigantic waves making driving quite difficult.

13. Jalalabad Road

Image Source: top10spy.com

 This stretch of road which connects Pakistan and Afghanistan is only for the experts. Amateur driving can be hazardous.

14. Highway Of Death, Iraq

Image Source: theactivetimes.com

American troops had reportedly bombed this road connecting Kuwait city to Basra, destroying around 2700 vehicles which were trying to move across the highway.

15. Skippers Canyons Road, New Zealand

Image Source: wonderslist.com

16. World Trollstigen, Norway

Image Source: car-addicts.com

17. Col De Turini, France

Image Source: top10marvels.com

One of the most difficult roads to drive in France.