Eight Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-friendly Home


When you love your feline pet, you will want to create a safe and cat-friendly home. Cats are able to climb into high locations or squeeze into tiny spaces, so you need to think carefully about having a home that your beloved pet can live in without any problems. Here are some great ideas for having a cat-friendly home.

Idea 1: Visit a Pet Store

Before you adopt a kitten or a cat from a local shelter, visit a nearby or online pet store to understand some of the supplies that you will need for the animal. There are some things that you must have before bringing your new pet home, including:

  • Water and food bowls
  • Collar and leash
  • Pet carrier
  • Soft bed
  • Litter box with special scooper
  • Containers of kitty litter
  • Potty pads
  • Clipper for toenails

You will also need canned or dry food for your cat or kitten, but you should understand the particular type that your pet requires first.

Idea 2: Safety Gates

If there are areas of your home that seem dangerous for a cat or a kitten, then make sure to have safety gates made to block these spaces. You may need to place a safety gate in front of a fireplace or across a kitchen’s entryway. Choose gates that are made from materials that a feline cannot climb over by using its claws.

Idea 3: ID Tags or Computer Chips

As soon as you have a new feline pet, order a customized ID tag that has your pet’s name and your telephone number or email address. If your pet is lost for any reason, then the person who finds your pet can contact you right away.

You can also visit a veterinarian to have a tiny computer chip implanted under its skin, making it easier for someone to find you when your cat runs away from home.

Idea 4: Window Guards

Many cats or kittens enjoy climbing onto windowsills to look outside at the birds or to recline in the sunlight. Unfortunately, a pet can push through a window screen, falling to the ground from a multistory building, leading to a major injury or death.

However, you can install special window guards that can keep a pet inside a home.

Idea 5: Hanging Houseplant Holders

If you enjoy having houseplants, then learn more about the types that are poisonous for felines, and you should avoid having these plants in your home. For other types of houseplants, hang the items from the ceiling so that the cats or kittens can’t reach the items.

Make sure that there is no way for the felines to climb to reach these hanging plants.

Idea 6: Kitty Doors or Flaps

You may want to install a kitty door or flap so that your pet can go outside into a backyard, but make sure to install this item properly. In addition, it is a good idea to have a fenced area for the cat.

Use fencing materials that felines cannot climb over or squeeze through, and also, make sure that other animals, including dogs or wild animals can’t access the fenced area.

Idea 7: Scratching Posts

Felines love to stretch and extend the claws in the toes, leading to snags on your home’s carpets and upholstered furniture. You can prevent this problem by having scratching posts in strategic locations of your home.

When you notice that your cat or kitten is displaying scratching behavior, pick the animal up to carry your pet to the scratching post. This will teach your pet to redirect from a bad behavior to a good behavior.

Idea 8: Specialty Furniture

If you want to have a stylish home and a happy feline, then find the most modern furniture that is designed for cats. This is especially important when you want to keep your cats and kittens away from your own furniture.

Felines love to climb, so you should have climbing shelves available that look great inside your home. Some kittens and cats like to hide from view for privacy occasionally, so you can also choose modern cat furniture that have small openings where felines can enter to have a restful place for snoozing.