Ever Gone Treasure Hunting In Your Backyard? These Guys Did & Look What They Found!


It seems like a thing from the mystery novels when you hear one say I dug my backyard and EUREKA…I stumbled on this rare, precious collectible in my very own backyard. Well, these are not stories from any novel. They are real stories where people have chanced upon some treasure and unusual stuff. I am just wondering if I should go dig my backyard today. Because there could be a treasure awaiting me. I kind of feel lucky today!

1. A model of 1931 Ford Roadster

2. A Californian couple found a stash of gold coins worth 10 million $ in their backyard.

3. Food supplies that was enough to survive for a month. Someone was definitely being futuristic and saving for the rainy day.

4. Bathroom towels
One day we may have no papers. So, some was saving it for that fateful day.

5. Love Letters
Hand-written letters written by a soldier to his dear wife. Must be the most romantic backyard find ever!

6. Mummified Corpse
Hmm, a mummified corpse fairy. Really?! How?

7. Precious Jewels
Austrian man finds jewels of the medieval period in his backyard.

8. Remains of Dinosaurs
A bunch of kids accidently happen to step foot on the remains of some dinosaurs in Iowa while they were on their casual trip.

9. Mineral Deposits
Two sisters found this stone in their backyard. Experts suspect it is some kind of a mineral deposit. Research continues while the girls are busy digging the yard in hope of more of these precious deposits.

10. Mammoth Bones
Huge bones were accidently found in the backyard of family’s home in Oskaloosa. Ever since, they have found this, archaeologists are digging up sites close to the spot to get clues about the remains found.

11. 40.23 Carat Diamond
This precious rock was an expensive discovery while digging a place near Arkansas.

12. Leather Dog Collar
In the same backyard where they found the dog collar, the owners found a cat collar also. They are just hoping that their house is not built on an animal cemetery.

13. Ferrari
Yes this is a Ferrari unearthed from the backyard of a home in Los Angles. Who cares if it is old? It is a FERRARI for God’s sake!

14. Concrete Basin

15. We have no idea what this means, but we definitely think it belongs to the dinosaur era!

Image Source: lansdownelife.com