Everyday Inventions Made Better! They Will Change Your Life F O R E V E R!


‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’. This adage is true to the ‘T’. Some genius minds have given a twist to the existing inventions to make life better, convenient and funkier. We assure you these clever, intuitive, insightful inventions will blow you away. You will want to own one or all of these for sure.

1. Re-usable Candle
The candle that never burns out!

2. Pizza Scissors
Improved version of pizza cutter (With greater utility). This makes pizza eating doubly fun!

3. Grill Clips
No more burning hands while you grill

Image Source: homewetbar.com

4. Compartmentalized Frying Pan
Super handy when you have only one stove and you need to cook real fast. Also, good if you want to keep your vegetarian friends happy!

Image Source: giftideasetc.com

5. Butter cutter in a click
Because using a knife is so cave man.

Image Source: gizmodo.in

6. Magnetic Light Switch
Who said a switch board has only one purpose? With this ingenious invention, hunting for your keys every morning will come to an end.

Image Source: gizmodo.in

7. No more mess while separating the yolk
Because using a spoon to separate the yolk from the white is just clumsy.

Image Source: peleg-design.com

8. Water bottle Ice Cubes
Forgot to chill your water bottle? No worries. This water bottle ice cube holder will save the day.

Image Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com

9. Self-stirring Mug
Are you so lazy that you need someone even to stir your morning coffee? Then, this invention was made for you. All you need to do is push a button and the stirring begins.

Image Source: kaskus.co.id

10. Butter Spreader
If you are the type of person who like an even butter spread. Haha!

Image Source: ohmy.viralnova.com

11. Transparent Denim Pockets
You can now text and use your phone while it is in your pocket. This way you don’t run the risk of dropping your phone too. I totally love this cool invention.

Image Source: ohmy.viralnova.com

12. Moldy Sandwich bags
Is your lunch getting stolen at work? Mold sandwich bags will keep the stealers at bay 

13. Open ended Tooth paste
Stingy to not waste even a drop of tooth paste? Buy these!

Image Source: wonderslist.com

14. Transparent Toasters
Say bye to ‘burnt’ toasts!

Image Source: drtoast.com