Executive Decisions: What To Look For When Choosing An Office Space


Entrepreneurs and business people in all industries need to take care of the basics in order to bring their higher-level goals to life. Filing paperwork, putting on productive meetings, and networking are all essential everyday tasks that need to be done for you to see success. Even finding an affordable and well-equipped office space rental is one of the more important things for a business to consider.

Looking for a high-quality office space rental in many of the world’s major cities can be difficult, however. With increasing rent prices and uncertain economic times looming, it is hard to know what represents good value for your investment. Having some key points in mind when searching for a new office space can make sure that your business does not suffer any renter’s remorse after signing a new lease.

To this end, let’s look at some specific things to look for when choosing an office space.

Look For A Well-Equipped Space

Serviced offices from premium providers such as Servcorp are the best way to go when looking for a well-equipped office space. Your business needs the convenience of simply moving into a new space and having everything ready to go when you arrive.

Look for an office rental space that comes complete with high-speed internet connections already installed. Make sure there are facilities for printing, scanning, and copying to allow you to complete the basic tasks of business life. Ideally, your serviced office space also needs to have professional interior décor. This should include things like leather furniture, original artwork, and impressive architectural design. The more professional and comfortable your office space is, the happier and more productive your staff will be.

Find A High-Quality Location

Choosing a good location for your office is of utmost importance. Not only is being well-situated ideal for boosting the public profile of your company but being next to other major players in your industry can also be a boon for your networking.

Find a serviced office provider in New York who takes location seriously. Areas like the One World Trade Center, Madison Avenue, and Park Avenue are all great options for those who want to boost the recognisability and credibility of their business. These areas are also accessible by a variety of transportation methods making the commutes of your staff much easier each day.

Check For Included Support Services

One thing to keep an eye out for when looking for high-quality office space is included administrative and technical support. Your business can benefit greatly from the secretarial and receptionist services provided by premium providers of office space.

By eliminating your need to hire on additional staff, this support team can file some of your paperwork and field your incoming calls as you see fit. Having IT support on hand that is available through your office rental provider can also provide you with the peace of mind that no technical problems will keep your systems offline for long.

Find Flexible Rates

Good quality serviced office providers know that their clients are motivated entrepreneurs who are always adjusting to changing market conditions. One hallmark of a quality provider is a package with flexible rates and conditions for your lease. Rather than being locked into a package of dubious quality, you should look for a provider who stands by their services enough to offer a month by month rate with only a one-month security deposit.

Explore More Options

The above represents the absolute essentials that you need to expect from premium providers of office space in the city. However, it is also great if you can find a provider who includes bonuses and extra amenities that can benefit your business in small ways.

Things like complimentary coffee and tea, for example, are great signs that you have chosen an office space provider who cares about your business.