Extremely Bizarre Things Happening On Earth At This Very Moment! #4 Is Incredible!


When the forces of nature collide, some strange phenomena that we wouldn’t have imagined happens. When you see these bizarre happenings take place because of a rare mixture you will be totally blown away with its eye catching beauty. These are extremely bizarre happenings on earth at this time.

1. Blue Hole in Belize is about 392m deep. It is the largest underwater sinkhole in the world.

2. These are called Super cells. They are storms which are persistently rotating updraft; they function almost like a tornado.

3. Blood Falls in Antarctica. The color comes from iron oxide which gives the impression that blood is flowing out.

4. Found in Indonesia, this blue lava is formed when sulfuric gases are heated at high temperatures. This volcano is quite a sight.

5. This digging by the soviets in 1971 led them to open the “door to hell”. This inextinguishable flame has been burning ever since.

6. Caused by Phytoplankton washed ashore at night. Their chemical energy is converted to light energy and gives you this romantic set on a warm summer night at the beach.

7. The white rainbow

8. A waterfall in water. This is found in the Indian Ocean, south-west of Mauritius. The sand and silt laying below form this optical illusion and it can be seen only from above.

9. The Catatumbo Lightning of Venezuela: This is where the Catatumbo River runs into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. The energy is so high here that this phenomenon happens for 160 nights a year and up to 10 hours every night. The lightning is so strong that it can be spotted from 400kms away.

10. Ice Circles: It is formed when created when the ice in the surface meets at the center of the water instead at the edges and small force of water surrounds it giving it that circular shape. It is found only in extremely cold temperatures.

11. Fire tornado’s or fire whirls are formed when strong winds are apparent around a blazing fire.

12. Volcanic lightning: The positive and negative charges of a lightning and a volcanic eruption give this strange phenomenon.

13. Steam Towers, Iceland: Formed due to the geothermal activity, here steam gushes out of water and mud and is quite an experience.

14. Ice Caves: Formed at the edge of glaciers when water melts a hole in it. It is temporary and it absorbs all light except blue, hence the finish.

15. Snow Rolls

16. The land of webs: Spiders due to rising floods migrate and leave these fields covered with webs.

17. Underwater rivers: When fresh water meets salt water on a well-shaped bed.

18. The Green Flash at the end of a sunset. It is a very rare occurrence.

19. Frozen Methane Bubbles

20. Horsetail Falls: In Yosemite National Park, California. It looks like lava is flowing down at certain parts of the day.