If You Are A Fan Of Coffee They You HAVE TO Try These Coffee’s Out At Least Once!


It’s no secret that a good cup of coffee sets precedence to the rest of your day… A steaming cup of delicious java is just what you need to reboot your system with recharged vigor… It’s not just an average drink, it’s what sustains you when all else fails in your day… some of us just turn hellish without a descent cup…so if you worship coffee along with all the other holy entities in your life(to most even they take a backseat to coffee) you would know, just a mundane blend wouldn’t hit the spot you need something that embodies the essence of the best coffee one could ever find…so to all you avid coffee drinkers out there here’s some of the best coffees in the world that would make you want to grab your keys and head straight out the door to your nearest coffee place…

1. Espresso
This drink is concocted by brewing small amount of boiling water with freshly ground coffee beans that turns it into a thicker stronger brew…this is guaranteed to give you that extra kick that you crave.

Image Source: smithsonianmag.com

2. Café morocchino
This Italian brew is comprised of espresso cocoa and foam…just the thought of it makes you sigh… I mean come on, its got chocolate in it and you would have to be a living under a rock not to appreciate the finer points of chocolate in your drink

Image Source: toptenz.net

3. Frappuccino
This coffee is the love child of Italian cappuccino and Greek frappe…this is what you get when you blend two great coffees together, which is delicious apart but as one, it’s a force to be reckoned with… you can thank the U.S for bringing this into our lives

Image Source: rollingout.com

4. Greek- Turkish coffee
You know you’ve got a good one when you find two countries at each other’s throats, fighting over its origin…
Image 4: Image Source http://www.redbubble.com/people/spoutram/works/705314-a-cup-of-strong-greek-coffee
5. Cappuccino
It’s a no brainer… we all know it love it and can’t seem to get enough of this Italian beverage made with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

6. Frappe
The origin of this foam covered iced coffee is from Greece but now you can now find this everywhere in the world…it’s a perfect drink for a hot summer day

7. Irish coffee
What’s not to love about the Irish… fun, exciting and basically an exuberant lot with an undisputed passion for life plus they will outdrink you under the table without any qualm…They do love their whiskey…only they could find a way to combine world’s two beloved drinks, whiskey and coffee

Image Source: chow.com

8. Eiskaffee
Say what you want about Germans but they sure do know how to live it up…this German delight is a combination of milk, sugar, ice cream and whipped cream…lots of whipped cream…so basically it’s your future bypass surgery in a glass…a heavenly glass

Image Source: yummyfunny.com

9. Café Miel
This is an espresso drink made of steamed milk ,dash of honey and can be sprinkled with cinnamon on a whim… it’s a local favorite in Paris and Barcelona. The comfort quotient just shines through the mug.

10. Vietnamese iced coffee
If you’ve had your fill of everyday iced coffee you can try the Vietnamese take on the drink… this is made out of finely ground Vietnamese grown dark roast coffee… so if you want to spice things up a bit this is the way to go

Image Source: bonappetit.com

11. Café au lait
Fancy name for French pressed coffee…what makes this coffee stand out is the beans. to be precise, excellent quality coffee beans… you don t have to be a genius to figure out good beans yields good coffee

Image Source: ventnorcoffee.com

12. Galao
If you like your coffee to be more on the milky side this is the way to go… this brew is a Portuguese take on café latte

Image Source: mobypicture.com

13. Affogato
This is by far the best…combines the two great( kind of pathetic) loves of my life… coffee and ice cream

Image Source: italianchef.com

14. Cortado
Add steamed milk to espresso and voila you’ve got yourself a cortado. It’s a bit more complex than that but it’s all about the idea

15. Caramel macchiato
Take your regular foamed milk add a dash of espresso, a dollop of caramel and feast you’re eyes on this beauty…

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

16. Café cubano
This espresso originated in Cuba. It’s mildly different from regular espresso since it’s brewed with demerara sugar

Image Source: sodahead.com

17. Café Americano
Not as significant as the others but is still good coffee… add hot water to regular espresso and you end up with Americano

Image Source: tamikadoubell.com

18. Café latte
This crowd pleaser originated in Europe and is comprised of steamed milk and espresso…espresso is slowly added to steam milk that turns the milk into a latte

Image Source: caffelatte.com

19. Iced latte
Ideal drink for summers…If you’re addicted to latte’s you need an iced version of these babies for those sweaty afternoons…only an idiot would sip hot coffee in stifling heat

Image Source: urbanspoon.com

20. Coffee milk
Go ahead and derisively snort, but try to refrain yourself until you’ve tried it…it’s just like chocolate milk, if you take away the chocolate and add in coffee syrup…