As Far As Weird Jobs Go, There Is Very Little That Can Come Close To This List!


How many times have you not cringed and frowned upon your jobs? You think you have the worst job? We crib about it all the time. For all those who thought there is no job other than a doctor, engineer and lawyer…HELLO, Take a look at these not so conventional and offbeat jobs you thought never existed? They are gross, painful and even wacky.

1. Face Feeler
They need to feel your face to see how good it feels after using a certain product. Yeah, they get paid for feeling you up. We mean your face.

2. Vomit Cleaner
Well, someone has to clean that. And you think your job stinks?

3. Professional Sleeper
Whaatt? They pay you for sleeping. Go for it if you love your sleep and have no problem being a part of sleep projects and having wires all over you while you enjoy a good nap.

4. Gum Busters
Yes, it is a REAL job. Do you know if someone did not do this; it could cause chewing gum pollution.

5. Gross stunt tester
Someone has to test the threshold for grossness before you let the participants take the gross test in any survival competitions. Theses testers are needed to make sure it is safe to the consumer and at the same time gross enough.

6. Bed warmer
Want to get cozy on a cold winter day? Room heaters, move over. You have actual humans in thermal suits who give you the warmth you require. A personal touch uh?!

7. Turd Burner
Well, this may not be a dream job, but when we are out on in the sea or an airplane, someone is needed to efficiently manage human waste without dumping it in nature.

8. Dung Archaeologist
The feces can reveal information about many things. Information about your ancestors, diet and even lifestyle can all be deciphered from this crap.

9. Barnyard Masturbator
Hmm. A person is employed to collect the sperms for study purpose. (Ewwww…)

10. Dice Inspector
Did you know the slightest imperfect dice can totally change the odds? Oh man, The Dice Inspector has the toughest job!

11. Fortune Cookie Writer
Yes. Did you think fortune just found its way into cookie? Of course someone had to write the fortune.

12. Fountain Pen Doctor
For all those people who treasure their fountain pens, don’t hit the panic button when your fountain pen breaks down. There is a doctor who will fix it for you.

13. Paint Watcher
Sure, it is boring as hell to stare at a wall all day long and observe how the paint dries over time. But hell yeah, they are people doing it because you get paid for staring into the mundane.

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14. Condom Tester
Omg, F*&k! Well, there is a certain reputed condom brand who is hiring people for this noble job. Sadly, they do not pay for this, but give you a lifetime of condoms for free. Pretty Neat Offer, we must say.

15: Bike rider cum photographer for Google Maps
Goggle never fails to innovate. Even in terms of employment. Well Done, Google!

What do you think about your job now? Or did we inspire you to take up any one of these eccentric, outlandish and freakish cool job?!