Forget About Those Fancy Highest, Tallest World Records! Its Time For Something… Weird


If you think of a world record it’s got to be amazing and over the top right?? Not really, most world records are just stupid innovation or ideas to get your name in that “elite” list of being a world record holder. Want to see a see a few examples of stupidity?? Take a look at this list, you will be baffled to what extent people will go to hold a record, not much been done by the way, just an act of stupidy. Take a look at today’s world record holders, these 20 people will inspire you, im kidding, they wont and cant.

1. Fastest weight Gained
Weighing 600 pounds Donna Simpson from New Jersey attempted to gain the most weight in 2011, eating 20000 calories a day and 30000 calories on Christmas. Doubt this moronic record will ever be broken.

2. Most Lighted Fireworks Strapped to the Body
On 6th July 2010, Todd DeFazio did the most idiotic attempt to break a world record by strapping 15 rockets to his body and lighting them simultaneously.

3. Most toilet seats broken over head
Kevin Shelley broke 46 toilet seats over his head to set the record.

4. Furthest distance to throw a person
Juha Rasanen threw a person weighing 130 pounds 5.4 meters.

5. Cycling Backward With A Violin
Christian Adam set a new world record for cycling backward while playing his violin: 60 km (37.28 miles) in five hours and nine minutes.

6. The Longest Distance Thrown In A Car Accident
Matthew McKnight set this idiotic record on October 26, 2001, when a car hit him and set him flying 118 feet through the air. He broke his shoulder, pelvis, leg and tailbone.

7. Farthest Squirting Of Milk From The Eye
By Far the most disgusting record to watch but lker Yilmaz of Turkey had the honor of setting the record in 2004, squirting eye milk 9’2 inches.

8. Longest Ear Hair
On August 26, 2007, Anthony Victor of Maduri, India, had the dubious honor of achieving the world record for longest ear hair, measuring just over 7 inches. Yuck!!!!

9. The Male Medusa
American Jackie Bibby held eight rattlesnakes by their tails in his mouth without assistance in 2002

10. Most Body Piercings
Brazilian Elaine Davidson holds the Guinness world record for being the woman with the most body piercings, that’s 1903 altogether. Talk about a holey body.

11. The World’s Fastest Toilet
Now you can take the fastest shit in the world upto 55 miles per hour and powered by a 140cc engine. You can thank Colin Furze for this achievement.

12. Most Married Person
Linda Lou Taylor of Indiana holds the record for most marriages. She’s been married 23 times. What is ironic is that she has been single now for a dozen years

13. Most Snails on Face
Fin Keheler, age 11, of Sandy, Utah, covered his face with 43 live snails. Apparently this broke a previous record. Damn we have actually two idiots who have tried this.

14. The World’s Loudest Burp
Paul Hunn can belch at 110 decibels, this is the worst way to get deaf.

15. First person to vomit in Space
Gherman Titov on the Vostok 2 mission (August 6, 1961).

16. The longest place name in the World
The longest place name contains 58 letters. A little village in Wales boasts the longest place name at 58 letters: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

17. Most Steps walked down by a dog, facing forward and balancing a glass of water
The most steps walked down by a dog facing forwards while balancing a 141 g (5 oz) glass of water is 10, achieved by Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie owned by Alex Rothacker (USA), at the Sport und Schau Show, Verden, Germany, on 05 January 2008.

18. Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth
Simon Elmore of Germany broke this record in 2009 by holding 400 straws in his mouth for 10 seconds.

19. Largest Collection of Naval Fluff
A librarian in Australia recently broke this record with 22.1 gram collection of fluff that he has been collecting for the past 26 years.

20. Longest Time Spent Buried Alive
Denek Zahradka of the Czech Republic survived 10 days buried in a coffin underground with no food or water and only a breathing pipe connecting him to the outside world. The previous record was 4 days.