The Most Frighteningly Creepy Things Children Have Ever Said To Their Babysitters!!


Kids are innocent and say whatever is on their mind, and sometimes what’s on their mind can scare the daylights out of anyone. Believe in sixth sense?? You might after hearing the following testimonies of a few babysitters.

1. “I was cuddling my friend’s 3 year old son and he said, very seriously, “I promise I won’t ever chew on your bones. I promise.”

2. “I was watching my neighbor’s 3 year old daughter, and she looked up at me and asked, “When’s the baby going to come out of your tummy?” Two days later I found out I was pregnant.”

3. “One night I was babysitting my friend’s children. The youngest, aged 5 drew a picture of a woman hanging from the ceiling, looked up at me and said, “She told me to draw this. She’s coming for you. Hide.”

4. I was watching my nephew and I asked him what he was coloring. “A skeleton making machine” was his response. A quick glance over his shoulder revealed that he was not coloring a skeleton-maker; he was in fact designing a flesh removal machine, complete with rivets for channeling blood.

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5. “I was babysitting a kid and we were watching TV in his basement. All of a sudden, he shuts the TV off and whips his head to stare at the wall behind him. He stared for a solid 3 minutes and said, “Not now.” and continued watching TV. A few minutes later he looked at the wall again and said, “I’ll see you later ok?!” I was so freaked out.”

6. “Little kids know some weird stuff. My niece is 4 and talks about her “older sister” constantly. She is always talking to her too. She is an only child and has no idea her mother had a miscarriage a few years ago.”

7. “I lost my boyfriend to a stray bullet a few months back and when I went to visit his little cousin a few days after it happened, he came up to me while I was crying. He asked me why I was crying and so I told him that I missed my boyfriend. He had this confused look on his face and then said, “Why? He’s sitting on the doorstep.”

8. “I once babysat a girl called Sarah who used to love when I went round. Her Mum used to tell me how she always requested me over the others. One evening, Sarah took things a step further by saying, “When you die I want to put you in a glass jar so I can keep you and see you forever.”

9. While babysitting a 6 year-old boy, he took his puppy, held it up, and started saying, “Crucify it! Crucify it! Crucify it!”

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10. I was babysitting overnight. Both kids sleep walk and talk in their sleep. The oldest was crying in his sleep, got up, and locked himself in the bathroom. It took a while to get him out. I ended up sleeping on the couch. In the middle of the night I woke up feeling like someone was watching me. He was standing next to the couch. I said, “What are you doing?” His response? “The man watches you when you sleep.” And then he walked back to bed. I didn’t go back to sleep.

11. “ Your boobs bounce a lot when you run, I was watching”

12. On day I was babysitting a three-year-old kid when he comes up to me, pulls his pants down and says in a low-growly voice, “If I cut off my penis, will I be a girl forever?.” I told him to pull his pants up and get back to playing.

13. I was babysitting 10-year-old twins when a Trojan condom ad comes on TV. After the ad one of them asked, “What are they?” the other said,” Sugar packets”. I agreed with the second boys reply when he turned to me and making eye contact said,”Sugggggaaaaaaaar” and licks his lips.

14. When we came to a page with a 2nd grade class, she pointed to a boy’s photo and said, “That looks just like Nicolas!” When I asked who Nicolas was she just said “The boy in my closet,” and kept on looking through the pictures. I almost died.

15. I was looking after Jack (A five year old) who said a man named Jacob who dressed like a lumber jack was sitting next to me on the couch. He must have seen the shock in my face, and said “Don’t worry, he doesn’t have any arms.”

16. My friend and I were babysitting her 4 year old cousin one night and she really believed in all that reincarnation stuff and decided to test out her theories on her little cousin.
She began asking him questions that he didn’t quite understand, but then stated it simply, “What were you before you were (kid’s name)?” He replied that he was a conductor and waved his hands in the motion that a conductor would. The problem with this was that this little boy was born blind.

17. Looking after my little cousin in Montana one night, and he started telling me about the ‘Creeper Man’ who lives in his mom and dad’s bedroom.
He brings it up after he visits them. I made the mistake once of asking what he looks like. He said “Oh, he doesn’t have a face.”

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18. A toddler I was watching woke up in the middle of the night screaming about something under his bed.
I checked and told him, “Go back to bed, nothing is under there. His reply, “He’s behind you now.”

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19. This four-year-old did I was taking care of comes up to me while I was on the couch and said, “There are 3 dead kids in our backyard. They told me where we can find them”.

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20. My niece once mentioned to me that she had an imaginary friend called Sally. Apparently Sally served a jail term for decapitating her mom’s head off.