These Games Have Killer Stories & Graphics But They Also Have…. Extreme Violence


Well if your only perception of video games was the image of little kids playing and having a good time pass, you were wrong punk! These were designed to impress the imagination of the grown, ones that are strictly off limits for kids. From brutal mutilations by the sword, gun or chainsaw to the graphic content of slaughter, these games will satisfy your blood thirsty desire, even if you’re the most peaceful civilian. The first person view in most of these games give you that real good feel when one spits out ammunition to bleed your opponent to death. If you’re a weak soul when it comes to a few spots of blood, then sorry, you are going to see oceans of it. Brace yourself; these are the 15 most violent video games of all time.

1. Dead Space 3
Want to rip an alien in half and watch its blood drip till it breathes its last?? Then Dead Space 3 is your kind of game, from decapitation to torture to using a bunch of different weapons to help you achieve this blood thirsty goal, dead space gives you that opportunity to slaughter tons of aliens, what’s even more intriguing is watching you being ripped in half in slow motion if you suck!

2. Hitman: Absolution
Ever dreamt of being a hitman?? Well virtually atleast, then with Hitman Absolution, your dream has been fulfilled. With a variety of guns at your service assassinate according to your contract, smear blood at your will.

3. Dead Island Riptide
Well if you ever had a fetish to murder zombies in cold blood, then this is the place for you. With visuals of blooded zombies lying around and hanging as well as having the liberty to squish a zombie’s head with your foot, Dead Island Riptide will satisfy your cold blooded instinct till the last drop has been spilt.

4. Call of Duty Black Ops II
People burning to death, civilians killed in crossfire, torture, and a shipping container filled with rotting corpses, This uber violent first person military game will get as bloody as life can ever get, maybe even worse. This series gets even bloodier with every edition. You have the license to kill and get thrilled with this one!

5. NeverDead
This game was meant to be brutal, in fact brutal can be an understatement, control this 500 year old demon hunter and you can even rip his body part by part as he survives through all of it, hide his parts in a secluded area for “safety”. From slicing to juggling a decapitated head of your opponents to having your screen repetitively splashed with blood, this game will make the look of blood a normality.

6. Manhunt
Follow your “ Director” and smear blood in the most horrific way, the brutality of this game is way beyond most.

7. Shadows of the Damned
Well chug on liquor to survive while you mutilate demons who have captured your girlfriend and are mutilating and torturing her in hell, rip chunks of their flesh with a chain saw and a sh*t load of assorted guns. This gets as gorey as it can get!

8. Soldier of Fortune
The game starts with nuclear weapons been stolen, your task is to retrieve these weapons from the terrorists before it becomes catastrophic, and of course you have to spill gallons of blood to achieve this.

9. Carmageddon
Banned in a few countries when released for its violent content, Carmageddon allows you to cause chaos with your car to earn points, kill a pedestrian for a few bonus points.

10. Grand Theft Auto
Kill anyone in your path trying to stop you from stealing, especially cops. Run over pedestrians and innocent people if you want to add to your blood spilt count.

11. God of War III
Kratos is back and this time he is even more brutal, he unleashes unseen works of primal savagery using fury as his muse and fleshy bodies as his canvas, watch his ruthless approach as he separates his opponents head from his neck with his bare hands. This is the most gorey installment of God of War. Let the blood flow.

12. Postal 2
Postal 2’s chief purpose is to let the player assault, maim, and murder civilians without consequence, without its blood spilling scenes the game would take a dull turn, hence it was made for one sole reason, to mutilate and pour blood out of a civilian.

13. Resident Evil 5
Voted as the second most violent game ever, it allows you to chain saw, sword and hack your enemy to death. Also known for being racial, here the ”white” hero slaughters the black dudes who have turned into zombies.

14. Evil Within
It stars detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates a mass murder, only to be knocked out. He awakens in a brutal world full of monsters and abominations. His survival is your bloody imagination.

15. Mortal Kombat (2011)
Well people already though the previous installments were gore, when this released, it was gore over the top. Fatalities with little touches like persistent coats of crimson blood, ripped pieces of flesh and sinew, and glistening, sloshy innards made even regular gamers piss in their pants, the graphic content of mutilation will get your bowels spinning.