There Are Some Gifts That Should NEVER Be Given! #1 Has Scarred Me For Life


There is no better feeling waking up in the morning knowing that you are going to receive gifts, be it your birthday, Christmas, Valentines day and so on. Furthermore gifts are a sign of love expressed through objects. What if your friends or family have a weird yet peculiar taste in buying gifts?? What you are about to see is probably what you have experienced or just heard off, these are instances when gifts were presented either out of terrible taste or just to get a laugh out of the person receiving them, these are the most inappropriate gifts ever given.

1. Not the best Baby Shower gift

2. A loving wife’s gift to her husband

3. Why?? Why?? HAHAHAH

4. Now that is by far the weirdest necklace

5. Razor Blade soap

6. Now I cant imagine the reaction of the girl you give this to

7. Lets share everything

8. That is the scariest Birthday present ever!

9. Now this dad has a sense of humor

10. The Egg Minder- This gadget tells you how many eggs you have left and how old they are.You could rather count and just remember when you bought them.

11. Now your wife can feel like a kangaroo

12. Tampons from your loving friends

13. She wanted a flat screen and he gave her just what she wanted


15. Butt Shorts

16. For your lonely friend


18. Weirdest towel ever

19. For that friend who’s lighter never works

20. Let me just reach into my sack and get the money… oh wait… it’s not what you think!!