If You Go To A Gym Regularly Then These 15 People Will Sound Very Familiar


If you’re a regular patron in the gym, you are well aware of the times where you are overcome with an inexplicable urge to quit and its got nothing to do with the exertion on the contrary that’s the only thing keeping you there. Suddenly obesity takes on an attractive façade. Staying in your home and channeling your inner fat Albert, seems more desirable than visiting the gym for that much needed workout. Yet again, you show up hoping things would get better; maybe today is the day that things would turn for the good, may be the universe has finally decided to cut you a break, and then comes the shame of being sucked into the inevitable hole reserved for suckers. So you get creative…you say never again… and you do everything (duck, hide, wake up at the break of dawn, feign deafness, take on sainthood) short of murder to avoid these colorful individuals (and I am being very kind here) who make life in a gym seem like hell, like we didn’t have it hard enough trying to lose that extra bit that has taken a permanent residence in our body.

So if you’re a virgin (to gyms) we thought it’s our civic duty to warn you against the species that inhabit every corners of a gym …So you’re forewarned and should proceed at your own risk

1. The guy who can’t stay away from the mirror

Image Source: muscleandfitness.com

2. The “doesn’t he own a shirt” guy- and you’ve walked off a treadmill for the third time…so damn distracting

3. The always prowling for dates guy

Image Source: yuppee.com

4. That lady who Sleeps a lot

5. The guy who can’t stop talking about how good supplements are

6. The chatty Kathy
We all know what she’s thinking…shut up!!!

Image Source: mob.com.my

7. The guy who fancies himself an American idol

Image Source: youtube.com

8. The unwarranted advisor on all things workout

Image Source: fitnesswayne.com

9. The equipment hoarder

Image Source: iwantasixpack.com

10. The guy who is always checking you out while you work out

Image Source: brobible.com

11. The guy who grunts a lot

Image Source: hitchfit.com

12. The pageant queens

13. The over compensator
Bet it was fun, being carted off in the ambulance

14. The guy who stinks up the place

Image Source: viralline.com

15. The cursing guy
We get it, it’s hard, but you don’t hear us cursing up a storm