Are You A Good Roommate Or A Bad One? Time To Find Out!


Living with another person can be an adventure. It has its moments. Some moments when you absolutely LOVE you roomie and some where you can even imagine the horrible things you’d like to do to them because of the way they live.

1. You smoke in your roomies room even though he or she is a non-smoker.

2. Somehow your dirty clothes and your personal mess find its way to your roommate’s side of the room.

3. You have your friends over all the time, all day every day.

4. Your roommate’s got an exam tomorrow! Who cares? Let’s blast that music.

5. You’ve got your girl/boyfriend over all the time; and the roomie is getting the couch tonight… again.

6. The trash has been lying there for days without you even noticing it, till your roommate mentions it, of course.

7. Borrow money for groceries; come back with loads of alcohol.

8. You’re in the habit of slamming doors all the time, be it the room or the toilet door.

9. You set your alarm yet wake two hours later, waking up your flat mate with your snooze button marathon.

10. You host had a fantastic party the night before, now you just wait for the place to miraculously clean itself.

11. Digging into his/her toiletries is a regular thing, be it for soap, toothpaste or make up.

12. You leave your bunky choking in the morning on your perfume.

13. It’s freezing outside but you’re in the habit of blasting the AC or the fan.

14. You leave enough hair in the bathroom to make a wig after your shower.

15. You have no clue where the grocery shop is, you’ll even starve till a meal is fixed for you by your flat mate.

16. You just happen to have been wearing your roommate’s best T-shirts and jeans.

17. You just love loud sex in the living room, imprisoning your roomie in his/her room for want of avoiding an awkward moment.

18. You’re gaming and no one gets the Tv till you are done with that level, problem is you suck and hence no one gets the Tv for days.

19. You eat cereal louder than a camel, and slurp with every sip.

20. You keep forgetting your keys, screwing up your pal’s date to get you into the house.