GRAPHIC CONTENT: 15 Of The Most Brutal Torture Devices Used In The Middle Ages!


There have been many forms of execution performed in today’s times. The most common form of execution has been the use of gallows wherein the execution is by means of hanging. Guillotine has been specifically designed for beheading. Another form of execution includes lethal injections containing fatal dose of drugs. Also, not to forget the famous gas chambers used by the Nazi Germans in which a poisonous gas is introduced to execute prisoners. If you ever thought that these modern day execution procedures  was horrifying and morbid, you will be a more than surprised to know they are nowhere close to what the medieval guys had in store. It looks like the medieval people had directed every bit of their intelligence and creativity in designing the most heinous, gruesome, unimaginable tool to torture and kill. Some of them were so deadly and gory that it could even turn Hitler weak hearted!
Just to give you a sense of the kind of gruesomeness and morbid vengeance that existed in the middle-ages, we provide you with top 15 barbaric and appalling tools designed by the medieval people.

The Judas Cradle:

This is a triangular pyramid shaped device which is designed very cleverly by the medieval people. The guilty would be seated on this sharp elevated projection in such a way that their private parts are ripped through this pointed structure leaving the guilty in excruciating pain. The Judas Cradle bears stark resemblance to the Impalement form of torture.

The Ultimate Coffin:

When the very sound of the word Coffin leaves one choking, this one proves to be the grandfather of all coffins. Once again, very smartly designed coffin which takes the shape of a human body, the victim is shoved into this metallic coffin and left unattended for days, only to see death by his side. Just to make it a tad more intimidating, obese victims are thrown into a slightly smaller coffin to make them all the more uncomfortable.

Breast ripper:

Now who would think of something like this? Only the workings of an evil and kinky mind are capable of coming up with something so brutal and nasty.  Needless to say, this is used for women. Since, this tool is not death-defying; it was mostly used for making the victims confess.

The Rodent Torture:

This is a slow and painful death. Let alone the fact that a rat anywhere close to you is horrifying; imagine a rat on top of you, digging its way into you and you cannot do anything about it. This is exactly what this mode of torture was based on. The sinner is made to lie down on the ground and a rat is let loose on top of the sinner. The rat is covered with a metallic container and the metallic container is heated. As the container gets heated up, the rat in its futile attempt to escape tries to dig a hole in the victim as the place to move around is very limited.

The Rack:

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This torturous device is in fact a very simple rectangular frame with rollers at the end of the frame. This simple but dreadful tool was mainly used to target the ankles and the wrists. The victim was held tightly onto the rollers by means of a rope. When the rollers were moved, the ropes would pull the victim’s arms and legs thus leaving the victim’s bones mangled.


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Thumbscrew was used mostly to crush fingers. This was achieved by placing the victims fingers in the circular provision provided. On operating the handle in the thumbscrew, the fingers would be crushed beyond recognition. As this technique did not result in death, it was mostly used to scare people to spill their guts, and also used during interrogations.

Chair of torture:

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The victim is made to sit on this chair made of a number of hair-pin sharp spikes. The number of spikes depended on the degree of offence. The spikes were razor sharp penetrating deep into the victim’s body leaving him in an awful lot of pain. Additionally, the victim was tied to this chair to prevent any kind of movement.

Pear of Anguish:

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It is a pear-shaped instrument which was inserted into the mouth or any openings of the victim. Owing to its huge size in comparison to the openings of the victim, it caused immense pain while it was inserted.

Breaking Wheel:

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This is truly the wheel of death. The wheel is placed parallel to the ground and the victim was made to lay flat on the wheel and his limbs were firmly tied to the spokes of the wheel and the wheel is made to move around in circles for a varying period of time. While the victim lay on this wheel of death, he is beaten mercilessly. Following which, he was left lying on the wheel out in the sun for the birds to feast on the, still alive, victim.

Brazen Bull:

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The condemned was placed in this bull which was made of bronze and was set on fire until the he was charred to death. This device was further improvised by the Greek where they integrated it with a complex set of tubes which made the victim sound like an infuriated ox when he screeched out of unendurable heat and pain.

Head Crusher:

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It is a ball like structure cut in two halves. The chin of the victim is placed on the lower half and the head on the upper half. As the screw was moved, both the halves came closer, jamming the head, initially crushing the teeth inside the jaw and eventually crushing the entire head.

The Garrotte Torture:

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The victim was seated and his neck was placed in the iron collar. The handle on the instrument was turned to crush the victim’s neck leaving the victim to die of asphyxia.

Heretics Fork:

It is a metallic structure with fork-like projection at both ends. The fork-like projection at the upper end penetrated the chin and the lower-end penetrated the chest. During the procedure, in order to hold the victim’s head erect the fork was supported with a collar tied around the victim’s neck. Additionally, the victim’s hand was tied with a rope to prevent any kind of movement.


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This scary-looking tool was used exactly in the same manner the way today’s carpenter uses his saw to cut wood to make our furniture. The victim is hung upside-down tied by a rope and the saw is sliced through him mercilessly to cut the victim into two equal halves.

The Crocodile Shear:

The very thought of crocodile is enough to send shivers down your spine. This type of torture was saved for the ultimate offence. Anyone who even attempted to assassinate the king would be mutilated by the deadly crocodile spikes.
Such horrendous devices and procedures are exemplary proof of the ghoulish minds of the medieval people. Now try getting some sleep. If you still do manage to get some sleep without any disturbing images floating in your head, do let your doc know a.s.a.p.