Guide to Buying Replacement Car Parts


Cars are a must-have necessity in this era. They provide you with the leeway to move around or take family trips at ease. However, after some time, the car is likely to break down or have some malfunctions that may not necessarily be your fault.

Finding replacement parts for your car has its fair share of decision making as you debate whether to buy new or used car parts. Deciding which car parts and where to purchase them can be a challenging task. You can reach this decision by figuring out how much you want to spend, the model, where, and the date of manufacture.

Some of the things you need to consider before making a decision include:

Buy from a trustworthy store

When purchasing replacement parts buying from a trustworthy individual is essential. It offers you the benefit of the security and legitimacy of the product. Reliable dealers have a range of spare parts you can choose.

Carry out personal research on the store and read testimonials from previous buyers to see if it will satisfy your needs. Avoid buying spare parts online unless it is an e-commerce site. These online purchases are also risky; you may end up buying the wrong size and spend more money on the return process.

Ask for after-sale services

Before paying for a replacement part, ask for information on the after-sale service. This act is essential to ensure accountability on the part of the seller in case of a mishap. After-sale services cushion you from purchasing fake or substandard quality as most store owners will not incur the cost of damages by the buyer. It also informs you of the kind of dealer you are working with and what to expect. Thus, you can judge a dealer’s genuineness by the type of after-sale services they are willing to offer.

Be specific on the part you need

Understand the model, type, and design of the spare part you need. This knowledge eliminates the wrong purchase and ensures you get the right used auto parts for the car.

Over time newer models are made with modern designs. The car’s knowledge enables you to get the parts that will fit seamlessly into your vehicle and function properly. You can carry the spoilt auto part to make the purchase specific.

Ask about the warranty offered

Know the warranty of the parts you are purchasing to determine the overall cost of the piece. Stores that do not offer warranty are expensive in the long run as this means your entire purchase is a gamble that may lead to loss of money.

Read through the warranty if provided and ensure you understand the rules of the warranty agreement before purchase. You can ask for clarity on various issues and terms to ensure you are on the same page.

Consider the part required

Some parts of the vehicle are sensitive and may be damaged by replacement with used parts. Depending on what you are purchasing, weigh your option to ensure that the purchase of a used piece will not damage your car. For example, the engine is sensitive, and any damaged parts would instead be replaced by a new one to prevent future damages or incompatibility.

Sometimes buying new parts is a better option; however, when you choose this path, opt to buy from the manufacturer as they can get the original piece for your particular model. If you have an old car, you may need to visit a local store to get the parts.

Enlist the help of your mechanic

Your mechanic understands the needs of your vehicle. You may want to tag him along during the purchase to get an insight into what will be compatible with your car and serve you for a longer duration.

Your mechanic is also able to advise you on the market trends and price range. The mechanic is also familiar with the used auto parts and will help you decide faster, saving on time, and prevent you from taking fake parts that may damage your vehicle.

Other factors of consideration include:

  • You should choose parts that are similar or compatible with your vehicle.
  • Buy spare parts that match the color and design of your vehicle to ensure harmony in design.
  • Take a picture of the spoilt part to ensure you purchase a similar part to your car.

Proper research and enlisting an expert’s help will go a long way to help you choose the right spare parts for your vehicle. Whether you are buying a brand new piece or a second hand, it is essential to take your time to ensure you get value for your money.