What This Guy Did In The Name Of Medicine Is Horrifying, Chilling & Nightmarish Especially #2


Known as the angel of death, he was a German SS officer that was notorious for his human experiments on Jews in the concentration camps. He was a doctor in anthropology and his quest in eugenics led him to perform dreadful tasks on the Jews. He used people as lab rats in order to discover the undiscovered of the human body and genetics. Sadly this animal was never caught and in 1979 he suffered a stroke and drowned. Some of his gruesome acts on humans are listed.

1. He was particularly interested in twins and intended to prove the supremacy of heredity to bolster the Aryan race Hitler wished for. Some of the acts he performed on twins were amputations, infecting them with viruses and observed them over a period to see the effects. One night he killed fourteen kids by injecting chloroform in their hearts and if one died he would kill the other to compare their postmortems. He also performed dissections on their bodies.

2. He attempted to create conjoined twins and sewed two normal twins together, the twins died days later of gangrene after suffering.

3. High altitude experiments
He put people in low pressure rooms that would simulate high altitudes; his quest was to find out human endurance at high altitudes. He pushed it to such a limit that most dies painful deaths.

4. He tried sex changes on twins and made twin to twin transfusions to study their traits.

5.  He injected chemicals in the eyes of twins in an attempt to change the color of their pupils; along with this he performed castration, organ removal and all without anesthesia.

6. He was interested to know what would be the result of pregnancy through a brother/sister pair, most of the pregnancies studied by him were through incest.

7. He would inject people with lethal germs and see how their body reacts to it over time.

8. He would freeze children then throw them in hot tubs to see how the body would react to extreme temperature changes. Most would die during the procedure itself. Some put under hot lamps would burn to death.

9. Apart from Twins, he was interested in dwarfs. He smiled on seeing dwarfs because it meant he had a lot of research to be done. Some of the horrendous acts he performed on them to study their trait was pulling out their eye balls, draining their blood to study their traits, he boiled them in hot water till their flesh separated from their skeleton, their skeletons were then shipped to museums.

10. In order to know the amount of blood a human body contained he hung the victims and drained their blood drop by drop till he got his answer.

These were some of the horrendous experiments that Joseph Mengele conducted at the famous concentration camp called Auschwitz. While his goal was to find the supreme gene to form the Aryan race with his Fuhrer, Hitler, thousands died at his hands in his pursuit to find his answer. The effects of these experiments are still lasting on twins and dwarfs. He greeted the children at the camp with candy and charm and made them call him Uncle Mengele; little did the innocents know that beneath this pleasant face was a beast that would send them to their graves in the most horrendous manner imaginable. Later his son did say that he showed no remorse for his experiments conducted on people.