This Is What Happens When You Try To Capture A Moment & The Unthinkable Happens!


Pictures don’t just speak a million words, but they also influence the emotions of the people viewing them. Here are a few such pictures that are gonna be a great treat to your funny bone. The photographers who captured these hilarious moments probably didn’t stage the elements of humor before taking these pictures, thus making these images unintentionally comical. Sit back and scroll your way through these funny moments for a hearty laugh.

1. Now that’s the perfect blend of romance and comedy

2. A wonderful group picture. Well, almost!

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3. They just chose the wrong part of the zoo for a picture

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4. Two girls and a BADASS dog

5. Maybe the shark got to know about this photo shoot

6. See what this horse had to say about this girl’s pose

7. It was almost a perfect poster, until this man arrived

8. They weren’t aware that such hilarious guests were also present at this social gathering

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9. Never pose for pictures when such pigeons are flying around you

10. The cat steals the show. Don’t you agree?

11. A good photographic example to differentiate men from women

12. ‘All is fair in love & intimacy’, even a dog squeezing itself in between the two people

13. The popularity of this picture is sure to go sky-rocketing

14. Something interesting about Sting Rays which you didn’t know

15. ‘Hey wait, even I’m a part of your adventure’

16. This cow feels that the picture is incomplete without him

17. Adult elephant makes its gigantic presence felt

18. Now count the number of teeth

19. Perhaps a camera brings the comedian hidden inside a dog

20. Well, some people just poke their sense of humor anywhere

21. ‘Hey, wassup?’ says this uninvited woman

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22. She didn’t know that there’s a human T-Rex right behind her

23. Camera captures more body details than intended

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24. ‘Roses are Red, dresses are blue… But hey funny man, who are you?’

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25. When present meets the future

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