It’s Hard To Believe But This Colombian Priest Performs Up To 10 Exorcisms A WEEK!! WTF!


The first time you probably heard about exorcism was when you watched a horror movie or when your grand mom told you about an exorcism performed on someone in her village. Truth be told, exorcism happens in real and are performed to this day.

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Exorcism is a religious ritual meant to evict evil spirits and demons out of a person. This practice has been linked to many religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. To this day people perform exorcism to rid people of evil spirits and demons from hell.  There are a lot of people who live to tell stories after being freed from the evil spirits on being exorcised. Exorcism is an act that can be performed only by a few privileged like the Priests. The exorcists invokes God, recites prayers in the presence of religious icons and sacramentals. You can be a believer or a skeptic but exorcisms have stirred enough and more intrigue. The intrigue could be the genuine need to drive out the demons or the mystery surrounding the whole act.

A 50 year old priest in Columbia, Hermes Cifuentes, mostly known as ‘Brother Hermes’ is a real life exorcist who has performed around 35,000 exorcism rituals in the past 25 years. He claims to do almost 10 exorcisms a week, probably making him the busiest man in Columbia.

His ways of performing the ritual may be different from the usual but his methods have been successful and seen results. People who have been exorcised by him vouch for him.

Brother Hermes starts off the ritual by covering the ritual seeker’s body in black mud from head to toe and makes them lie horizontally on the ground. On some occasions, he also makes them stand in a deep hole. Many subjects also have their eyes blinded with blackened bandages. The ritual seeker is surrounded by various things that include fire, limes, greens and many crosses. They are all arranged in a circle. The crosses are tied held together by green and red ribbons and the seeker is made to clutch a handmade wooden cross and an egg in his hand. Brother Hermes cites various chants and performs rituals inside and outside the circle. During the ritual, at one point he looks into the eye of the seeker intensely and calls out the evil. He also places his foot on the chest of the seeker in an attempt to cleanse the spirit.