Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 — What do we know? Release Date, Plot And Cast


The rumors of a season two for the anime series High School of the Dead began way back in 2011, when fans of the series began flooding Madhouse (the producers) with emails and letters asking when the show would return to television. However, it was not until October of 2016 that producers would finally state they were considering renewing the beloved program.

Overview of High School of the Dead: What We Know So Far

Considered to be the anime version of The Walking Dead due to its zombie apocalypse focus, there is much more to the show than just zombie violence.

The show centers around a group of high school students who are living in a world controlled by zombies. These zombies came about as a result of a global epidemic which also effected the residents of Japan. Main character Takashi Kimuro, who attends Fujimi High School, must work with fellow high school students and their school nurse to escape the school and find shelter before they too become zombies.

The series begins with Takashi witnessing a zombie attack after an argument with friend Rei Miyamoto. The pair had promised to get married but that promise came to an end due to Takashi’s behavior. Later on, Takashi is forced to kill one of his friends, which upsets Rei as her current boyfriend is also killed as a result.

Throughout the show, the characters are forced to deal with the results that occur with the breakdown of society, such as the dangers of fellow survivors, and dealing with their own morality while trying to survive in a new world.

The first season sees the characters meeting and rescuing a little girl and her dog, finding shelter at a mall and then a police station, and finally finding temporary shelter in an elementary school that is considered to be a “safe zone”. However, this does not last long, forcing the group to discover ways to survive in a new world controlled by the dead as well as how to protect themselves from other survivors who would kill for supplies.

Originally airing in 2010, season one of High School of the Dead failed to earn high ratings in Japan but did earn a cult following across the ocean.

The show currently holds a 7.47 rating on Myanimelist.net and for those looking for a way to view the show online, you can stream episodes on Crunchyroll.

Important Characters

1. Takashi Komuro

The main protagonist of the show, 17-year-old Takashi is a high school student who is dealing with his feelings for friend Rei. He has been in love with his friend since early childhood, when Rei promised to marry him when they got older. However, because of his hesitancy to deal with these feelings, Rei moved on and began to date his best friend.

2. Rei Miyamoto

While she has feelings for Takashi, she begins to date his best friend. However, his death puts a larger strain on the relationship between the two main characters, which is later amended in the series.

3. Saeko Busujima

President of the high school’s kendo club, she is the most skilled combatant in the group, who has a dark side due to a trauma that happened earlier in her childhood.

4. Kouta Hirano

Kouta is the most skilled in arms and weapons and a skilled marksmen due to his time training with a US military contractor.

5. Saya Takagi

Self-proclaimed genius, her asset is that she able to think through any situation and get the group out of trouble.

6. Shizuka Marikawa

As high school nurse her medical skills are necessary for the survival of the group, despite her fragile nature.

7. Alice Maresato

Being the youngest at just seven years old, she serves as a reminder of the innocence of previous times.

Season Two Expected Release Date

Season two of High School of the Dead received the green light to begin production at the end of 2016. However, Madhouse is considered to be a risky investment in Japan, and as such the show has had a hard time finding the necessary funding to actually become a real thing.

Because of the recent influx in the popularity of anime shows across the world and the ease of which they are available for viewing through sites such as Crunchyroll, it has become more of a possibility to put the show up for production.

To date, there has not been an official release date for season two of the anime series. However, it is believed that the show is currently on hold for production as a result of the death of the author, Daisuke Suto. Suto passed away on March 22, 2017 at age 52.

While manga artist Shoji Sato, who completed the artwork for the series, is still alive, he has stated that he is unable to continue the series. He went on to say that in order for the series to live on, they must find someone who shares the same vision for the show as Suto did.

Will We Ever See A Season Two?

While the original manga will not be able to be continued without the author, only four volumes were covered in season one. This leaves three volumes for a season two, meaning just one more volume is needed to complete the season.

The series would not necessarily need to be produced by Madhouse. There are currently plenty of other producers out there, both in Japan and overseas, that could handle the job. However, with all the recent natural disasters happening in Japan, including tsunamis and earthquakes, producers there did not feel it right to revive an anime series about such a bleak topic. While multiple overseas producers currently hold the rights to the first season, they have not yet suggested anything about finishing off the show so that a season two could be released, meaning any season two of the show could have a premiere date in 2020 or 2021.

However, it appears for now, fans will have to continue to wait.