History Got These Facts All Wrong! This Changes MANY THINGS You Studied As A Kid!


You might have read facts from the past from several books of history. However, here’s proof that all that you were forced to believe by such texts are not really true. Take a look.

1. Albert Einstein & Mathematics
Contrary to the popular belief, Albert Einstein apparently didn’t fail in mathematics. In fact he mastered Integral and differential Calculus at a very young age.

2. George Washington’s Teeth
For many decades now it’s been widely believed that George Washington’s teeth were made of wood. However, many claim that the set in his mouth was a collection of ivory, gold, lead and even donkey teeth.

3. Chastity Belts
Chastity belts, which were popular in the 18th century, were not meant for preventing pregnancy. They were invented to prevent teenage boys from masturbating.

4. Cocaine in Mummies
Archaeologists and researchers claim that they found narcotics such as Cocaine and Hashish in few mummies, but this isn’t exactly true. Hashish was a product which belonged to central Asia, and Cocaine was a new discovery which was widely unknown back then. Its claimed that it would have been impossible for these drugs to reach these individuals who were mummified.

5. Abner Doubleday, Baseball
Another claim which the history books got wrong was that Abner Doubleday invented Baseball. Today, most people consider Alexander Joy Cartwright as the ‘Father of Modern Day Baseball’. Cartwright was a bank teller and draftsman from New York.

6. Christopher Columbus
According to many sources, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America. It’s said that he didn’t even land on American soil. The closest he got to the continent was West Indies. America actually got its name from the Italian explorer by name Amerigo Vespucci.

7. Great Wall of China  
Many claimed that the Great Wall of China was visible from the moon. However, few astronauts claim that though few entities from Earth were seen from the moon’s surface, the Great Wall was definitely not one among them.

8. Viking Helmets
Many of us perceive Vikings as warriors who wore helmets with horns.  This look was made popular by an 1876 opera show staged by Richard Wegner but the fact is that Vikings never wore those helmets with horns.

9. Witchcraft in Salem  
The age-old myth that 20 individuals accused of witchcraft were burned to death are apparently false. The accused were hanged to death after being tried at the court.

10. Charles Darwin
Many scientists and researchers are of the opinion that the Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ can’t be concluded as a law of biology, and remains just a theory.  Many of its sayings don’t hold true in different conditions. For Example, a combination of two different plants or two dogs can lead to a whole new breed with characteristics derived from both entities. However, it is not necessary that all animals can go through the same process and lead to a whole new animal.