How A Vacuum Sealer Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars A Year


Everything that we own, no matter what spots we put them in, are subject to external damage or wear over time. Sometimes an extra layer of protection is necessary to keep things in optimal condition, which is why vacuum sealing is the way to go. There are plenty of ways to use a vacuum sealer, including:

  • Sealing food to prolong shelf life
  • Waterproofing important items
  • Protecting collectible items like comic books
  • Keeping dirt and dust away from clothing
  • Having a way to keep your most essential documents safe from damage

Vacuum sealing doesn’t only protect your items, but it also saves you money in the process. In this post, we outline a handful of ways that using a vacuum sealer on food, clothes, and other items in your home can save you a whole lot of money.

Increase Fridge and Freezer Life

When it comes to buying food, you always have to consider that food will spoil. Fruits and vegetables don’t last, dairy products like cheese grow mold, and meat doesn’t stay fresh forever. Even if you never got around to eating it, you’ll have to throw away anything that goes bad and end up making trips to the grocery store to buy back what you lost.

Vacuum sealing your food lets you keep things in your refrigerator fresh for weeks on end so that you’ll be able to save those emergency trips to the store when something unexpectedly spoils sooner than you thought.

The same problem can occur in your freezer, as food that isn’t appropriately stored can freeze together or go bad anyway if forgotten about for too long. According to Review Decide, sealing frozen foods in vacuum-sealed bags can add months if not years to their lifespan. Having frozen meals, meats, and other foods in your freezer will give you more significant gaps between your grocery trips. You’ll consequently be saving you the money on not only the extra food you would otherwise be buying but the gas you’d be spending on those additional trips.

Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk is already a considerable way to save money, but when you aren’t confident that you can consume everything you buy before it spoils, it discourages you from buying in bulk at all. With a vacuum sealer, you’ll be able to buy in bulk and keep your food fresh as long as you need it. Without the need to eat everything as soon as you can after purchasing, you can stretch out your meals for a while before you need to head back to the store.

Buy in Season

A lot goes into growing fruits and vegetables out of season, including developing them in artificial conditions, using chemicals, and racking up the prices. Because produce spoils relatively quick, there’s no choice but to buy fruits and vegetables year-round, unless you have a vacuum sealer.

When you can vacuum seal your fruits and vegetables, you can buy them in their growing season, when they’re the cheapest and healthiest, seal them, and freeze them so that you have fresh produce throughout the year. Without the risk of spoiling quickly, you won’t need to buy fruits and vegetables as often either, saving the stress on your wallet.

Saving Clothes

It can be an enormous disappointment to find that stains on your clothing that no longer come out in the wash and force you to toss out a garment that you know no one will want to take off your hands. Buying new clothes every time you find something with stains, tears, or missing parts can put a strain on your bank account, which why you want to invest in a vacuum sealer for your clothing.

While you can very well leave out the clothing items you wear every day, vacuum sealing the clothes you don’t wear as often or only wear on special occasions will save you the money on replacements.


Having a way to waterproof your items is especially helpful when you’re vacationing or in the process of dealing with home repairs like leaks. Needing to buy new clothes on the fly when all of them get wet is a terrible circumstance for your budget, and dealing with any damage that might come to essential documents you have with you can be a nightmare. Sealing and protecting your most critical items, whether that be your outfits for the week or the only cash you have on hand, can be a lifesaver when it comes to spending money trying to mend emergencies when they occur.

A vacuum sealer may sound like a quite obscure solution to ensuring your possessions have protection, but it’s a very effective one. To keep you from spending excess money on food, clothing, and replacing your personal items, a vacuum sealer may be what you need to save you hundreds.