How Regular Drain Cleaning Will Benefit Your Home


Your plumbing’s maintenance may not be at the top of your to-do list until an issue occurs. In fact, this scenario plays out in most households across the nation. However, regular drain cleaning should be part of your tasks around the home. Get to know why cleaning your drains is so beneficial for your property.

1. Fast Draining

Brushing your teeth or washing your face in a sink that’s slowly draining is a frustration. The entire basin might fill with water. Debris won’t move down into the drain. Regular drain cleaning solves this problem.

By using a drain snake, you can pull hair and debris from the sink so that rapid draining is possible. Perform this task on all drains in the home at least once a month. You’ll see a difference in the draining action.

2. Few or No Clogs

The beauty of regular drain cleaning is the lack of clogs in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Everything will drain as it should. You don’t have to worry about impending damages or frustrations when you remove debris from the drains each week or month.

In fact, you might find only a few pieces of debris in each drain after the cleaning becomes a habit. Keep up with it to see practically clean drains.

3. Protects Your Main Line

By cleaning the drains close to your fixtures, this debris cannot reach the farther parts of the plumbing pipes. All of your pipes eventually drain into a main line that directs water away from the property. You never want the main line to become clogged. When this scenario occurs, the entire home has a plumbing problem. No drains will properly empty out. They may even back up entirely. Keep the main line clear by stopping debris at the entry points around the home.

4. Stops Those Plumbing Odors

You might clean the bathtub or sinks each week, but foul odors can still arise in these areas. The problem arises in the drains themselves. When clogs remain idle, they produce odors. The fumes have nowhere to go but into the home. They can be subtle or outright pungent.

Make your home a cleaner space with regular drain cleaning. You’ll notice fewer odors and allergy sufferers might have clearer sinuses than before.

5. Prevents Interior Flooding

When a drain has a serious clog, it can flood out of several fixtures, such as:

  • Bathtub
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen sink

These floods might be caught in action, which allows you to minimize the amount of damage. However, some scenarios occur when you aren’t at home. A dishwasher running after everyone heads off to work or school might drain into a clogged pipe. Water flooding the kitchen is the result.

No family wants a flood, so regular pipe cleaning is the prevention solution in this case.

6. Saves Money on Emergency Calls

A drain that remains clogged will cause serious problems in the home. It disrupts routines and possibly damages the property. A benefit of regular drain cleaning is saving money on emergency calls. Plumbers have appointments open at various times and at set prices. If you need a professional after hours, there’s a premium price. In fact, these emergency calls can end up being more expensive than another repair around the home.

Keep up with pipe maintenance so that emergency calls aren’t needed anymore.

7. Improving the Plumbing’s Lifespan

Regular drain cleaning simply keeps the pipes clear of any obstructions. Debris that builds up in the pipes will put strain on the materials. According to Fixed Today Plumbing, chemical reactions can occur among the debris, such as desiccation. These reactions might impact the pipes over long periods of time.

Cleaning the drains allows water and debris to move out of the system. There are virtually no materials clinging to the pipe walls. As a result, the pipes tend to last longer than neglected systems.

Regardless of your diligence around the household pipes, it’s always a good idea to hire a plumber at least once a year for a basic inspection. Any subtle problems, such as a pinhole leak, can be addressed at that time. Drain cleaning afterward will simply maintain the plumbing as well as possible. Your property will ultimately have fewer problems over the years.