IMAGE: Unsolved Mysteries That Baffled The World! #15 Is Just NUTS!


While man pursues his quest to know it all, out come a few incidents that stumps even the wisest. The best of investigators and scientist have worked on the cases only to reach a full stop with no clear evidence. These incidents have emerged as mysteries with no one nailing the cause of it.

1. Voynich Manuscript
Termed “The World’s most mysterious manuscript”, the Voynich Manuscript was discovered in the year 1912 by Polish-American bookseller Wilfrid M. Voynich. This 240 page manuscript contains colorful drawings of plants that do not match and species known to man today, it also contains descriptions in a language that hasn’t yet been deciphered. The look of the content looks as though it was meant for medicinal purposes. Dated back to 1404 and 1438 the manuscript till today hasn’t been understood with some theorist believing that it could have alien origin due to the detail put into it.

2. Beale Ciphers
If one wants to land his hands on thousand pounds of gold, silver and jewels, then cracking these three cipher texts will help you with that. The treasure was originally obtained by an unknown Thomas Jefferson Beale in 1818 and one the three ciphers that have been cracked reveals that it was buried in Bedford County, although the exact location lies within the uncracked ciphers.  Strangely, the U.S Declaration of Independence turned out to be the key for the cracked cipher. Till today treasure hunters seek this hidden treasure in Bedford County. The picture shows one of the entrances to the Beale vault that was specified in the cracked cipher.

3. Shugborough inscription
18th-century Shepherd’s Monument in Staffordshire, England looks like an ancient sculpting masterpiece, but what has stumped even the smartest that have walked on this planet is the sequence of letters that were printed on the stone. For over 250 years these letters ‘DOUOSVAVVM’ have evaded decipherment. Many believe that behind these letters lies the location of the “Holy Grail” left by the Knights Templar as a clue.

4. The Mysterious signal
In 1977, Jerry Ehman was a volunteer for the search of extraterrestrial Intelligence, what he caught that very day still remains a mystery. Apparently he received a 72 second message from an outer- space constellation 120 light-years away near a star called Tau Sagittarri and on transcribing it, it said “wow”. Further attempts to get a signal from outer space have failed since then.

5. Georgia Guidestones
Referred by most as the “American Stonehenge”, this structure was erected in 1979. While the structure looks ancient what is inscribed on the stones is what people claim to be the “10 new commandments” in eight different languages. One such commandment directly relates to population control. The origin and person behind this is unknown, although people believe that it was erected by a secret Luciferian society also known as the new world order.

6. The explosion in Tunguska
On June 30, 1908, an explosion occurred in Russia in which 80 million trees over 2000 sq. foot was wiped out. Till today the source of the explosion is unknown, although the locals claim it was due to the interference of UFO’s. Scientist believe it to be a meteor due to the extent of the devastation but with no sighting or significant proof, that too was ruled out.

7. Disappearing hose
A strange incident happened in 1955, George Di peso a Californian resident was watering his garden when his 20 foot hose burrowed into the ground only to disappear. The hose pipe was never recovered from the ground. While the incident made a mess of the man’s life similar incidents also took place around that time.

8. The Babushka Lady
During the assassination of John F. Kennedy, there was a woman who appeared in all the footage and snaps of the assassination. The woman wore a scarf and appeared to be holding a device, that which looked like a camera. While most people fled the area at that time the lady continued to hang around the crime scene. A search and a request for the lady to come forward were later made by the FBI, but no one did emerge.

9. Roswell UFO Incident
More than 60 years ago it is believed by the locals that a UFO crashed over Rosewell, New Mexico. Some of the locals even claim on seeing it and bodies of aliens were found near the crash site. However the evidence of the incident was covered up by the authorities creating an unlimited string of conspiracies and suspicion.

10. Mountain Of the Dead
On Feb 2nd 1959, 9 skiers mysteriously died on the Ural mountain which is also known as the mountain of the dead. Search teams were send out as the troop had been missing and never came home after a month. What was baffling was the state at which they were found. Their tent was opened from inside, while half were found fully clothed, half of them were naked. Their bodies had no scratches or signs of struggle but only had internal injuries and fractures to the ribs of some. What was even scarier was the state in which one girl was found, she was found with her eyes and tongue cut out. These Skiers were professional hikers and what prompted them to flee their tent at night at temperatures at -30 degrees C is unexplainable. One of the chief investigators of the case secretly told another that he felt it was the result of an alien intrusion.

11. The Bermuda Triangle
In no other part of the ocean have occurred so many mishaps, deaths and disappearances as that of the Bermuda triangle. Call it coincidence or bad luck, over the years many planes, ships and so on have disappeared mysteriously with man having no explanation to these disappearances.  While some suggest it is the area of alien abduction, no one really knows as to why this particular region behaves in the way it is famously known for.

12. Loch Ness Monster
Believed to be the descendant of the dinosaur family, the Loch Ness monster is believed to have been spotted by many but never a proof of the spotting. Even today people flock to Scotland to the land of Loch to spot this creature. Many believe it is a cryptic sea monster that dwells at the bottom of the sea.

13. The Hessdalen Light
Between the 1982 and 1984 a strange sequence of lights appeared in the Hessdalen valley of Norway. The light used to occur back then around 15 to 20 times a week and now it still appears 10 to 20 times a year. The source of this light has stumped scientists even today and there is still no explanation for its occurrence.

14. Bird Suicides
The village of Jatinga in Assam, India is famous for the most bizarre occurrences ever. Most of the birds that migrate and visit the village never leave. Here in the months of September and October and specifically between 6.30p.m to 9p.m the birds drop dead on a one mile strip of land. This has been happening for centuries and scientists till today have no explanation for these happenings. These are just not one or two but hundreds of birds from around the world fall to their death over here.

15. Malaysian Flight
On March 8th, 2014 a Malaysian flight fling to Beijing with 224 passengers and 12 crew members on board went mysteriously missing over the Indian Ocean. What is creepy is the sudden disappearance of the flight off the radar. While there are many theories and speculations, the mystery of the flight is still unsolved. Some Maldives tourist saw a jumbo flight fly so low that they couldn’t believe it, New Zealand oil riggers saw a plane burst into flames over Vietnam. The strangest was that the relatives reported that their loved ones phones were ringing but no one seemed to find a way to trace it. How this jumbo flight disappeared without a trace given the advanced technology put into them will remain possibly the mystery of the decade.